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Application for Staff Position

All staff members are required to attend the weekly Staff Meetings in the Women’s Center from 12:15-12:50pm, each Tuesday during the semester. This hour counts as part of the staff member’s work, and volunteer hours  in the Center.

All staff members are required to attend the Staff Training/Retreat, held at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester. Food will be provided, and this event counts as part of the staff member’s work in the Center. 


First and last name

We conduct the bulk of our communication via email.


Work Study Information

* You must include this figure. It is your responsibility to keep track of dollars used. The Women’s Center does not have additional funds to cover overages. 


Please answer the following questions.

The WC relies heavily upon the dedication of its work study students. As a result, we have established expectations of each of staff member. Please read and then initial each of these statements, indicating you understand the expectations. If you have any questions about these expectations, please consult with the Director prior to initialing the statement.

  1. I agree to attend Staff Meetings and Trainings. If for any reason I am unable to attend these on a regular basis, I will consult with the Director far in advance.
  2. I understand I have three absences for Staff Meetings per semester. I will contact the Office Coordinator in advance if I will be absent. I realize more than three absences without contacting the Coordinator requires a meeting with the Director to determine my ability to continue as a Staff Member.
  3. If I collaborate on projects in the WC, I agree to attend punctually all meetings related to the planning and executing of the projects.
  4. If I develop or take the lead on projects in the WC, I agree to establish a meeting schedule with the Director or Assistant Director (as appropriate) and take responsibility for the outcomes of the projects.
  5. If I develop projects, I agree to participate in pre-, mid-, and post-evaluation meetings with the Director/Assistant Director to ensure that I am meeting the standards established by the WC.
  6. I agree to establishing and meeting my weekly hours in the WC through close communication with the Office Coordinator. I understand it is my responsibility to update these hours with the OC immediately, should my schedule change. I understand it is my responsibility to inform the OC in a timely fashion if I will be unable to work. I realize my consistent absence or inability to be here the entirety of my shift will result in a mandatory meeting with the Director to discuss my ability to continue as a Staff Member. 


We will respond to all applications within two weeks of receipt to schedule an interview. If we have tried three times to contact applicants and they do not reply, they will be required to reapply.