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Core Competencies Grants

Overview: The Core Competencies Grants have been established to encourage faculty and staff to develop programs that will enrich and expand student learning opportunities consistent with the goal of the University’s Strategic Plan to promote student success. There will be two application cycles per academic year in which awards of up to $2500 will be available. A call for proposals will be issued to all faculty and staff each semester. All proposals will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the Faculty Committee on Student Life (FCSL). Priority will be given to those proposals that reflect a collaborative effort by faculty, staff and students, and that impact a broad audience.  Please note that expenses for compensation of Lehigh faculty, staff or students are NOT eligible for funding through this grant.

Background: The Core Competencies Grant (CCG) program will provide funding for initiatives that develop, enhance, and/or evaluate the acquisition of knowledge or skills included in the core competencies model. The following excerpt from "Advancing our Intellectual Footprint: A Strategic Plan for Lehigh University 2009" describes the purpose and rationale of the core competencies model and is the basis for this grant program.

One of the defining characteristics of Lehigh is the first-rate undergraduate experience our students receive both in and out of the classroom. With this strategic plan, we intend to build upon this strength to create a best-in-class undergraduate experience. Advancing Lehigh’s intellectual footprint requires advancing undergraduate student success through an intentional, integrated approach to learning that engages every student in achieving a set of core competencies. This distinctive learning environment will emerge as a characteristic that differentiates Lehigh from its peer institutions. The core competencies embrace both academic and co-curricular experiences, lay the critical foundation for a distinctive student life and learning experience, and are a central element of our plan:

  1. Intellectual Development. Students develop intellectual interests; gain foundational knowledge; acquire cognitive skills; adopt strategies of inquiry, disciplinary integration, and advanced discourse; understand others who differ from them in life experiences, outlook, or opinion; and adopt intellectual values that promote an ongoing commitment to learning.

  2. Individual Identity Development. Students explore and come to understand their personal values, beliefs, and sense of self.

  3. Interpersonal Development, Equity, Community, and Global Engagement. Students learn how to identify, understand, and implement the skills they need to build relationships in life; to interact and collaborate with others who are different from them; to learn leadership; and to engage with society at the campus, community, and global levels.

Achievement of the core competencies is a community effort requiring everyone’s participation. The core competencies provide a framework for our hallmark programs in leadership, residential education, and community service, and they inform activities in our undergraduate research, arts, and athletic programs. Successful execution of the plan must engage every community member in order to engage every student.

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