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The OMA offers a variety of engaging programs and valuable services to the diverse needs of the Lehigh campus and surrounding communities. We are energized and open to the numerous opportunities to partner with campus departments, offices, organizations, student groups, and others to provide Lehigh with the most innovative, current, and exciting cross cultural engagement.

OMA recognizes the uniqueness and diversity of the Lehigh University community. Throughout the year, please join us in the challenge, support and celebrate interweaving of our similarities and differences.  We invite you to contact our office for detailed information about the variety of programs and services available to you!


OMA programming promotes the intellectual stimulation, self-exploration, and personal growth of students as they engage with multiculturalism within and outside the Lehigh community. Co-curricular experiences such as: historical tours of the Bethlehem Southside; leadership development workshops; academic success seminars; mentoring programs; and collaboration with Lehigh faculty, staff, and alumni are opportunities for personal growth, awareness, and enhancement of multicultural competency. These are just a few programs and events that OMA bring to you every year!

Welcome Home Celebration
Our opening block party where free food, music, and moon bounces combine with good company and prizes.

Family Weekend Brunch
Family Weekend Brunch, is where the parents of our students come and join us for a wonderful brunch. It's a fun-filled morning with music, games, food, prizes and more..

Multicultural Student Leadership Conference
Over the past four years, more than 300 of the Lehigh Valley’s top student leaders have attended the conference and have been exposed to leadership training, including motivational speakers, workshops, panels, networking opportunities and college and career fairs. Focusing on the next generation of leaders to bring their creativity, energy, intellect and passion to help us address a host of societal issues and challenges.”

MLK Celebration
Five days of invaluable and eclectic events designed to give you an in-depth look at the work of MLK and how it has impacted and continues to shape our lives today.  While the social injustices we face are seemingly different, we recognize that the practice of oppression and exclusion continue to exist in a very powerful way.

Dance Fest is an exhibition of choreographed dance routines by various Lehigh University Dance Organizations and professional companies throughout the Lehigh Valley. In addition to celebrating the art of dance, this event is meant to bring people from all walks of life to enjoy a full night of wonderful dance performances.

The OMARS is an award ceremony in which the Office of Multicultural Affairs recognizes the services of the students that are involved and take an active and identifiable role on campus.

Donning of the Kente
The Donning of the Kente ceremony is a special ceremony that is practiced in many colleges across the country. It is a time, where seniors are recognized for their hard work and are donned with a stole by a faculty or staff member that has greatly contributed to their success while in college.

Sisters In Conference
This conference strives to create a space for Women of Color to build community through trust building, dialogue and carefree energy.

Summer Scholars Institute
The Lehigh University Summer Scholars Institute is an intensive three-week preparatory experience designed for incoming first year students who, in addition to their academic potential, show much promise in the areas of leadership and community/civic engagement.

Workshops and Dialogue
Conversations regarding identity, privilege, and healthy relationships are just a few topics we discuss. Join us!

Heritage Months
Educational and social programming honoring our many ethnicities and cultural identities.

Men of Color Alliance (MOCA)
The Men of Color Alliance is a collective founded to bring together men of Lehigh from different backgrounds to uplift each other while also analyzing our experiences on campus and beyond. The group pouds itself on a dynamic that has become a beacon of support and family with the Lehigh community.

Circle of Sisters (COS)
Circle of Sisters is a group of women that come together to talk about issues that are prevalent to Woman of Color on Lehigh's campus. Our meetings every other week are also geared toward the empowerment of one another.