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This page is dedicated to providing resources to transgender, gender non-conforming, and/or gender questioning students at Lehigh University.

If you have questions or concerns not addressed on this page, please feel free to contact us at pridecenter@lehigh.edu or by phone at 610-758-4126.

University Policies

Lehigh University's non-discrimination policy includes gender identity and gender expression. Students may anonymously report bias incidents relating to gender identity and/or expression as well as any other identity by using this form.

Name & Gender Changes

Pride Center staff and other University stakeholders are actively working on updating Lehigh's internal policies & systems to better meet the needs of transgender community members.  Currently, students who have obtained a legal name and/or gender change must bring proof of the change to the Registrar's Office in order to have the change updated in all University systems.  More information about state-by-state regulations for changes on identity documents can be found here.

Students who have not obtained a legal name change can designate a preferred name that will update the name that displays when they send emails.  In order to do this, log in to Connect Lehigh using your Lehigh credentials. Click "Banner" and then click "Personal Information." Choose "Update Preferred First Name."  You can also update your preferred first name on LINC (Lehigh Involvement Connection) by opening your profile settings and entering in your preferred first name.

Students who have not obtained a legal name change can also designate their preferred first name to appear on their Lehigh ID card rather than their legal name.  To receive a new Lehigh ID card that displays your preferred name at no charge, contact pridecenter@lehigh.edu with the name that you would like on your card, along with your LIN. 

Note: Currently, this option is only available to students, faculty, & staff who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming, or non-binary.

Unfortunately, preferred first names do not currently display in CourseSite or on course rosters. Some students may choose to email their faculty members before their first class to indicate the name they go by to minimize confusion and the potential for revealing personal and/or medical information. See the sample email template provided below as an example:

Dear Dr./Prof. _________,

I am registered for your (name of class) this (fall/winter/spring/summer (semester).  The name you will see for me on the generated roster is incorrect.  My name is _________.  Please refer to me using ______ pronouns.

Thank you,



Lehigh University's Residential Services and Residence Life teams are committed to working with all students to ensure their on-campus housing arrangements meet their needs and provide a safe and harassment-free living environment. With the understanding that all students have different needs, both admitted and returning students are encouraged to contact Christina D'Aversa at cnb5@lehigh.edu or 610-758-3500 to discuss options for living on-campus. Because of space limitations, students who contact Residential Services early in the housing assignment process will have more flexibility in their options.

Options for housing are dependent on vacancies and availability, and could include the following:

  • ​A single room with a private bathroom on a single-gendered floor
  • A single room with a common bathroom on a single-gendered floor
  • A double, triple, or quad room with a common bathroom on a single-gendered floor
  • A double room with a private bathroom on a single-gendered floor
  • A suite-style room (4 people) with a shared bathroom on a multi-gendered floor
  • An apartment-style room (2, 3, or 4 people) with a shared bathroom on a multi-gendered floor

Health & Wellness

Lehigh University's Health & Wellness Center is committed to providing inclusive care for all students.  Currently, the Health & Wellness Center refers students seeking hormone treatment to a valued community provider. However, if a student has a current prescription for injectable hormones and would like help learning how to self-inject, a Health & Wellness Center nurse is available to assist. More information about Health & Wellness Center services can be found at www.lehigh.edu/health or by calling 610-758-3870. Contact pridecenter@lehigh.edu for more information about community health providers with expertise in transgender care.

University Counseling & Psychological Services is committed to providing inclusive, competent care for students of all genders and sexualities.  UCPS staff will with with all students on a case-by-case basis to determine treatment that best meets their needs, which may include individual counseling, group counseling, and/or referral to a community provider.  Students wishing to receive care or get consultation from counselors in the UCPS office can make an appointment by calling 610-758-3880.  An on-call counselor is also available for crisis assistance after hours and can be reached by calling this number and pressing "0".

Gender-Inclusive Restrooms

Lehigh University affirms the right of all students to use the restroom according to their gender identity without fear of harassment. If a Lehigh University student, faculty member, staff member, or guest should wish to utilize them, our campus also has single-stall, gender-inclusive restrooms in most academic and residential buildings.  A map can be found here.


The Lehigh University Athletics Department is dedicated to upholding the University's commitment to inclusion of and equal opportunities for transgender athletes.  We abide by NCAA's policies on transgender student-athlete participation (more information can be found here). 

Fraternities & Sororities

Did you know trans students can join a fraternity or sorority?  

Fraternities and sororities set forth their own membership requirements within their constitutions, bylaws, and governing documents, and decisions about membership are oftentimes based on a potential recruit's character, values, and ability to connect with other members.  Additionally, a fraternal organization can commit to trans inclusion while also maintaining its identity as a fraternity of men or a sorority of women.  With this in mind, Lehigh's Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs supports equal opportunities in a safe and respectful environment for all students regardless of gender or sexuality, and affirms the ability of transgender students interested in affiliating with a Greek organization to join based on their gender identity.

Trans students should not have to guess and hope their way into fair consideradion for membership in a fraternal organization, and there are a number of resources available to you.  The Lambda 10 Project has developed a Fraternity & Sorority Resource Guide to create awareness and education around issues of gender identity and gender expression within Fraternity and Sorority Life.  This resource is intended for students interested in exploring Greek membership, current affiliated students, and others. 

Students are also encouraged to contact Fraternity and Sorority Affairs at infrasor@lehigh.edu with any questions regarding the recruitment process and membership.