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Funding Guidelines for LAD Activity Fund

Lehigh After Dark is a program offered at Lehigh University to expand alcohol-free social options for students on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Lehigh students who are both drinkers and non-drinkers have voiced a strong interest in attending these types of events and activities and suggested that they be offered on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.

This Lehigh After Dark Activity Fund has been established to provide support for programs that provide undergraduate students with quality social, cultural, intellectual and community development activities that do not focus on alcohol and are open to the entire Lehigh community.

Funding will be awarded to new or existing activities held on or off of Lehigh's campus, and may be used to cover a variety of activity expenses that include food, security, transportation, facility rental, publicity, or prizes.

Our goal is to support healthy student behavior by expanding the vibrant and exciting social environment at Lehigh. Providing alcohol-free activities during time periods that are typically problematic for high-risk drinking is one promising prevention strategy. As a student, you can play an integral role by helping us develop this program by creating new activities, promoting Lehigh After Dark to your peers, and joining the Lehigh After Dark coordinating committee.


All members of the Lehigh University community are eligible to apply for Lehigh After Dark funds – that is, any student organization or group, University academic department, or University administrative office. Individual students, faculty, or staff members are also eligible to apply; however, they will need a University account number.


Particular consideration will be given to applications that demonstrate the following:

  • New activities
  • Co-sponsorship – that is, sponsored by more than one student organization or group, University academic department, or University administrative office. Evidence of new partnerships will be evaluated favorably. Each partner must identify its role and responsibilities as a co-sponsor for the activity.
  • Cost-sharing. Lehigh After Dark funds are meant to supplement the activity, not serve as the entire funding source.


Applications must meet the following minimum criteria.

  • Activities must be open to all Lehigh students.
  • Activities must be held on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night.
  • Activities may start at any time, but must end at or after midnight. Events held within the hours of 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. will be given preference.
  • Activities must be no- or low-cost to attendees.
  • Activities must be actively promoted to all students beginning at least two weeks prior to the event date.
  • "Active promotion" of a "Lehigh After Dark" activity must include posting the activity on the Lehigh Events Calendar under the "Lehigh After Dark" programming category and a minimum of two of the following promotional methods:
    • advertisement in the Brown and White
    • posters
    • table tents
    • digital information boards
    • daily announcements
    • one form of social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) including re-tweeting any Lehigh After Dark messages.
  • All promotional materials must use the "Lehigh After Dark" logo, as well as say "supported by Lehigh After Dark."
  • If the event is held off campus, the sponsoring group must indicate how transportation will be provided. The Lehigh after Dark Funding Committee can provide assistance as needed.
  • The sponsoring organization must identify any risks associated with the activity and describe in detail the actions planned to mitigate the risk.
  • The sponsoring organization must complete and submit a budget form for the activity.

The successful applicant shall also agree to the following tasks:

  • Track attendance of all attendees at the activity using a card swipe data collection device. Designate an individual who will work with the Lehigh After Dark Funding Committee to implement the card swipe attendance tracking procedures during the activity. Return the card swipe device no later than 12:00 p.m. the next business day after the activity.
  • Complete and submit a Sponsor Evaluation Form

Funding Exclusions

Lehigh After Dark activity funds CANNOT be used for:

  • Activities which focus on alcohol.
  • Fundraisers that directly support the sponsor. A suggested donation at the door is acceptable provided the raised funds will be directed toward a charity or philanthropy.
  • Activities scheduled to occur after the last day of classes.
  • Annual activities that typically are funded by other campus funding sources.

Submitting an Application

Applications must be submitted using our online application process. Applications for the 2014-2015 academic year must be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. two weeks before the proposed program date to ensure groups have enough time to plan their events.

Selection Procedure

The Lehigh After Dark Funding Committee will review and evaluate all applications based on the criteria listed in the Requirements section of this document. The Lehigh After Dark Funding Committee is comprised of the following members:

  • Andrea Barker, Assistant Director of Student Activities
  • Lindsay Lebresco, Director, Brand & Digital Marketing
  • Aarsenio Perry, Assistant Director of Student Activities
  • Elizabeth Shayler, Assistant Director Fraternity and Sorority Affairs

Applicants should address all questions regarding the application process to the Lehigh After Dark funding committee at

The Lehigh After Dark Funding Committee may contact applicants to further discuss event proposals if necessary and will notify the contact person of the decision by the Friday after the submission deadline. Applicants should not contact Committee members with regard to their applications during the decision-making period.

Transfer of Funds

The Lehigh After Dark Funding Committee will transfer all awarded funds to the sponsor's account after the activity is complete, the card swipe device returned, and the Sponsor Evaluation Form submitted.


Please note: Your organization will NOT receive funding if you do not track attendance and return the attendance data collected on the swipe card devices. The Funding Committee will answer any and all questions related to the implementation of the swipe card devices so that your organization can be in compliance.


Depending upon the amount requested and the nature of the event, the Committee may make an exception and provide funds in advance. Any unused funds must be returned.


Lehigh After Dark Official Branding

When advertising, promoting, or otherwise referencing Lehigh After Dark or Lehigh After Dark sponsored event, use the official Lehigh After Dark logos which are available for download.