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Community Development

An integral part of the Office of Residence Life's mission is to create a living environment in which our students will be engaged, challenged, and encouraged to realize their full academic and personal potential. The ORL, which includes the Gryphon Society, Residence Hall Association, Residence Hall Councils, Residential Fellows, and Live Lehigh communities all play a part in building a dynamic residential environment. Within the residence halls, students have the opportunity to learn and grow through Community Development Experiences (CDEs) such as Community Dinners, Coffee Talks, Hall Events, Campus Events, and G-Chats.  All programs in the residence halls are developed with bLUeprint's 5 Foundations for Student Success.  To foster a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive community, the ORL promotes The Principles of Our Equitable Community for Lehigh University and encourages students to become active community members on their hall by creating their own Principles.

Mission Statement

The Office of Residence Life's mission is to foster a safe and inclusive learning-focused community that complements the academic mission of the University and partners with students on their personal, professional, and civic development.

bLUeprint in the Residence Halls


bLUeprint is Lehigh University's Student Life Curriculum that is integrated into every aspect of our students' co-curricular lives.  ORL programs and events, such as Community Development Experiences (CDEs) and G-Chats, are all created using bLUeprint's 5 Foundations for Student Success.  The 5 Foundations and their outcomes are:

You can explore more about bLUeprint on the bLUeprint webpage!

Community Development Experiences

Each semester the Gryphons in each residential area will host community dinners, coffee talks, and hall events. The Community Dinners will often feature food from local restaurants. Many of these experiences will involve bringing in faculty, staff, alumni, student leaders, and Bethlehem community members to talk about a particular topic. Others will involve going to an on-campus event or they will be smaller events for an individual hall or area. The Live Lehigh Communities and Residential Fellows also develop CDEs for their communities.  Students are encouraged to share any ideas they have for CDE's with their Assistant Director of Residence Life (ADs), Gryphon staff, or their area's Residence Hall Council.



A few times each semester, Gryphons will set up official G-chats with each resident. These are conversations with residents that give them time to ask questions, share ideas, express concerns, or just get to know their Gryphon. Gryphons and ADs are also available to students at any time to chat and refer students to appropriate resources.


The Principles of Our Equitable Community

The Office of Residence Life is committed to the personal and intellectual growth of our students by promoting an environment of civility and respect within our residential community. We have joined with the entire University community to embrace The Principles of Our Equitable Community.

As members of this community, we recognize our collective responsibility to create and maintain a respectful environment and hold each other accountable for our behavior in the residence halls. We have adapted the original document to reflect the needs of our residence hall communities. Each hall discusses these principles and creates an agreement listing ways they as a community will uphold them.

Download a PDF of the Office of Residence Life's adaptation of the Principles of Our Equitable Community.

Principles of Our Equitable Community