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Alumni and Friends

The Center of Gender Equity truly is the result of the hours of work and endless passion of its alumni and friends, both those who are at Lehigh and those who live elsewhere.  We thank you for all of your advocacy and support.  If you would like to give back, you have many options.  You can mentor current students, facilitate a discussion based upon your current work (in-person or through Skype), and, if possible, donate financially to the Center.  Please contact the Advancement Office (1-866-517-1552, 8am-4pm) or make a gift online. Please click here. Please be sure to write in “Center for Gender Equity” in the Comments section under “Areas of Support.”

You can also keep track of us and join the conversations online, anytime by following us in these areas below.  Thanks for all you continue to do!

Senior Dinner Spring 2017

Even if you are not a student at Lehigh but interested in staying connected with the Center for Gender Equity, you can do so in many ways.