Bake Sales

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Bake Sales:


Bake Sales may be held on campus by a Recognized Student Organization to raise funds in support of organizational activities. The following guidelines apply:

  • Bake sales which include homemade food will not be allowed.  Recognized organizations who would like to hold a bake sale will need to purchase commercially produced baked goods or work with Lehigh Dining Services to provide baked goods.
  • All Baked goods will need to be individually pre-packaged via commercial methods or by the approved food vendor.
  • Individuals from the Recognized Student Organization will not be allowed to prepare and package the food themselves.
  • Food that is not time/temperature control for food safety such as:

Baked goods –rolls, bread, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, pies (non-dairy base filling), homemade granola product, etc. Commercially packaged snack items, such as granola bars, candy bars, and chips

  • Food not allowed:

                     Dairy-based baked goods containing custard, creams, meringues, or cheesecakes