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Five Foundations for Student Success


Creative Curiosity
           Ask big questions, seek mindful solutions, and develop an overall inquisitive outlook on the world.
           OMA Lens: What other cultures and beliefs exist?  What are the other identities that others hold?

Identity Development
            Continue to develop into your own unique person, become grounded in your multiple identities, and live out your carefully chosen values and beliefs. 
            OMA Lens: Who am I? How have my experiences of yesterday shape my today? How do I identify and connect with others?


Collaborative Connections
            Learn to build positive relationships and engage in dialogue, utilizing your personal values and inquisitive outlook as a guide.
            OMA Lens: As I understand more about myself and my surroundings, how am I building relationships with others who will continue to shape my experience?


Inclusive Leadership
            Make decisions, take action, and contribute positively to your communities in ways that are purposeful, socially just and built on integrity.
            OMA Lens: How am I allowing and advocating for others to be themselves and encouraging their journey of self-authorship?


Professional Growth and Success
              Utilize your intellectual passions and talents to create and enact a personal definition success that positively represent you, your profession, and your communities.
              OMA Lens: Whether in class or in other professional settings, how am authentic in my way of being and in my pursuits? How do I show up?