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Chalking has been permitted outdoors with the following conditions to be used as a guide.

  • Side walk chalk must be water-soluble chalk and used only on a horizontal walking/driving surface that is exposed to the weather elements.
  • The use of markers, paints, oil-based products, spray chalk, or other products in aerosol containers is prohibited.
  • Water-soluble chalk is temporary and usually is generally removed by the next rain/snow.   Permanent Marker (spray chalk) is prohibited as it can be in place for months defacing the surface and requiring staff intensive labor to be removed.
  • Chalking is also prohibited on all buildings, bus stops, columns, doors, fountains, indoor and outdoor furniture, light posts, signs, planters, poles, trees, vertical surfaces, walls, waste receptacles, etc.
  • Offensive or inappropriate content is prohibited and may be referred for disciplinary action.  Refer to the Student Handbook for additional information.