Decorating for an Event

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General Guidelines for Decorating in Student Center Facilities


  • Taping items on painted or stained surfaces is not permitted. Taping items on doors is not permitted.

Helium Balloons

  • Helium balloons are not permitted in the Asa Packer Room due to the sensitivity of the smoke detection equipment.


  • We strongly recommend that small pieces of confetti not be used. Any clean-up costs incurred and/or damage to the vacuum cleaner will be charged to the sponsoring organization.
  • If you should decide that confetti is something important to the event; it must be limited to a small amount on the center of the tables.


  • The use of candles must be limited to votive candles in approved holders, only during dinner and cocktail events in University buildings that host such events, where there is adequate smoke detection and fire suppression systems.
    • Candles must be in a votive where the candle flame does not exceed the rim.
    • Candle use is limited to supervised events and requesting parties must receive approval by the University facility manager coordinating the event.
    • Candles are not to be used within four feet of combustible wall displays or curtains and limited to areas where there is no chance of igniting combustible materials.
    • Candles are not to be used in place of lights for purposes such as illumination of egress.

Cleaning Up

  • After the event, all decorations must be cleaned up and removed.

Strobe Light

  • Strobe lights may not be permitted due to the emergency light system within the space. Consult with our office before using strobe light equipment.


  • As you are planning your event, if you have any questions, contact Student Center Facilities Office - 14 E. Packer Ave. Room 136 (610-758-4163) When in doubt, ask! The minimum charge for a repair or clean-up is $75.