Emergency Planning

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We never know when an emergency is going to develop so it is best to be prepared.

  • Make certain that there are at least two people who are in charge of the event and they have immediate access to a telephone.
  • In the event that a medical emergency occurs they are to contact Lehigh University Police at 610-758-4200.
  • As an event sponsor please be aware of the emergency exits prior to the start of your event.
  • An announcement must be made at the start of your event indicating where the exits are located.
  • As an event sponsor please check the room for any attendees that may be in a wheelchair and make a mental note.  In the event that an emergency should occur you will need to assist the person or persons in a wheelchair to a safe location near a stairwell explain that you will bring police/fire personnel up to this location to provide assistance; immediately exit down the stairwell and locate a police officer or fire personnel and request their immediate assistance.
  • Fire extinguishers must remain accessible at all times.
  • Fire alarm pull stations are located throughout the facility. In the event that a fire occurs sound the alarm and exit the building.  If a fire alarm is activated an audible alarm will sound in conjunction with flashing strobe lights.
  • Do not attempt to fight the fire unless you are trapped.  It is more important for all attendees to evacuate as soon as possible.
  • The Bethlehem Fire Department is minutes away form the campus and will respond immediately after being contacted.  Remember the quicker the alarm is activated the quicker the response.
  • In the event that a fire emergency occurs an alarm will sound and a voice activated announcement will be made.
  • Please advise everyone to remain calm and to leave the building immediately.
  • All personnel shall exit the building and wait for further instructions from the University Police Department.