Furniture Setup Information

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The proper set up for your event is critical! Please provide as much information when you are making your reservation to assist us in finding an appropriate location. Based on the number of attendees as well as the type of event we can assist you with the layout options that are available.

Keep in mind that if the attendance increases after a count is given you should notify our office as soon as possible so that we can determine if the space will be able to handle the increased number. In the event that you are estimating the attendance and we set up for the maximum amount for the space, it will be the sponsoring organizations responsibility to stop allowing people to come into the space after it has reached our accessed capacity.

We will provide you with a diagram which must be adhered to once the furniture set- up is in place.

Proper egress paths must be maintained at all times during the event. Exit doors may not be blocked or locked at any point.