I AM LEHIGH (PreLUsion Program)

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I AM_________!

What boxes are you confined to based on your identity? How often do you place others in boxes? How will these boxes guide your experience at Lehigh?

Too often we are viewed solely based on our race, gender, sexual identity, religious affiliation, socioeconomic status and ability. These boxes speak to society’s oppressive nature and fail to recognize that we are more than just one thing: we are a mosaic of our experiences.  The I AM LEHIGH 3-day experience will provide you with the opportunity to explore your identity and the identities of others. By engaging with fellow students in interactive conversations and activities, Lehigh students will challenge and support each other in their journey toward understanding how they can each - individually - impact and lead our Lehigh community.

Through I AM LEHIGH you will:

  • Explore individual identities and the identities of others
  • Engage in intentional dialogue surrounding systems of oppression
  • Explore local and national student campus activism