Individual Counseling

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Overview of individual counseling

UCPS offers enrolled Lehigh students time-limited individual counseling as one of our clinical services. Individual counseling involves meeting one-on-one with one of our therapists for 45-50 minutes. UCPS offers time-limited counseling, though the quantity of sessions provided depends on a number of individual factors. You may find that one or two sessions are enough to meet your needs, or instead you might complete several sessions across an academic semester. Our counseling services are offered to enrolled students free of charge.

During the period of on-line education associated with COVID-19, all individual therapy and consultation will occur remotely via Zoom or telephone.


How might individual counseling help you?

Individual counseling can offer you a space to gain insight into your struggles, better understand yourself, develop healthy and effective coping skills to manage your stress and problems, and improve the quality of your relationships with others. 

Some common reasons Lehigh students seek counseling include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depressed mood
  • Stress management
  • Unable to reach optimal performance in academics, sports, or other pursuits
  • Friendship/relationship problems
  • Career/academic concerns
  • Family issues
  • Self-understanding
  • Identity exploration (e.g., race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation)
  • Alcohol or drug concerns
  • Eating or body image concerns

What to expect at your first session

When you first contact UCPS for services, you will typically be scheduled for a 45-50 minute initial appointment with one of our staff counselors. 

During the meeting, a counselor will spend the time getting to know you and your reasons for seeking counseling. The counselor will then collaborate with you to determine how UCPS can best meet your needs, which may include brief individual therapy, group therapy, and/or a referral to a therapist in the local community.

How do I make the most of my individual counseling?

Individual counseling is most effective when…

  • You have at least a general idea of what you’d like to work on
  • You are motivated to make changes in your life
  • You reflect on your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors during the days between sessions
  • You feel comfortable with and trusting of your counselor. Should that not be the case, we welcome and encourage you to discuss that with your counselor or other supervisory staff.


UCPS strictly protects the confidentiality of information shared during sessions, as well as the attendance of Lehigh students to any UCPS services. We are ethically committed to protecting your confidentiality and we abide by the federal/state laws which require it. We view our center as a safe space for our students and work hard to maintain a sense of trust throughout the services we provide.