Peer Health Advisors

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Who We Are:

A Peer Health Advisor is a student specially trained to help advance the health and safety of his/her peers at Lehigh University.  Peer Health Advisors provide peer-to-peer support, advice, resources and programming to promote healthy behaviors.

Our Mission: 

To make Lehigh University a healthier and safe place through strategic peer-to-peer interactions focused on the promotion of healthy behaviors.


1.  Promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles

  • Serve as role models to peers

  • Promote healthy choices

  • Share information to promote health awareness

2.  Prevent campus health and safety problems

  • Encourage students to believe they are in control of their health choices

  • Give students the skills necessary to make healthy choices

  • Positively affect health-related student behaviors

3.  Protect and improve student health

  • Improve student attitudes about healthy living

  • Increase knowledge of priority health topics

  • Provide resources