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Projects and Student Groups

Want to be involved? 

Everyone is welcome in the Center for Gender Equity.  Whether you want to hang out to chat with staff members about their work, participate in one of discussions, support an event, or plan your own project, you can find what you are looking for here.  Our student staff are taking WGSS 373 (“Internship in the Center for Gender Equity”), volunteering, or filling a work study position.  Student staff members typically work four hours per week throughout the semester, attend our Weekly Staff Meetings, and our Fall and Spring Kick-Offs or Retreats.

We also have another level of student involvement from students who work one to two hours per week throughout the semester or who want to volunteer for one, specific project.  These options tend to work best for those students who are still learning about the work or who don’t have the flexibility in their schedules at that time.

Student Staff Members complete a variety of duties.  Some plan and implement programs such as discussions or awareness-raising events.  Others help out with every project we do, providing feedback, making supplies, and communicating with volunteers.  We also have staff members who do graphics design (flyers, posters, brochures, and buttons), write for and edit our newsletters, and create, film, and edit videos.  Our comprehensive approach to gender equity means, no matter what your major or profession of choice, you have a connection point here.


Positions we’re always looking for:

Graphics Designer Visual Artist
Video Producer/Filmmaker Social Media Assistant
Marketing Assistant Campus Outreach Assistant


Gender is complex and ever-changing, and so is the Center for Gender Equity.  To help all staff feel confident and comfortable, we provide training on content and skills to all members.  If you’re interested and want to learn more, you can stop in and talk to any one of our staff or contact the Center for Gender Equity to set up an appointment with the Director, Rita Jones.

We have many projects throughout the year and several student groups if you are looking to get involved.  Please contact the Center for Genter Equity for more information.


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