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  • For events requiring staging you must inform our office of your needs as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made to have the appropriate size staging ordered and delivered for your event.  All costs associated with the set up and take down of staging will be charged to the sponsoring organization.  If you require an estimate prior to the actual ordering of the stage, please inform our office.
  • Staging sections come in 4’ x 8’ sections and the height is either 10” or 20” high.  Please provide as much information on how the stage will be used so that we can assist you in planning on how many sections will need to be ordered.   All staging that is 20” high will require at least one set of steps, please indicate whether you would like one or two sets of stairs.
  • When considering stage size it is important to consider the type of activity that will be conducted on the stage. For example: dance group, singing group, panel discussion with a head table, panel discussion with chairs, speaker, etc.  The larger the stage the less seating so keep in mind how many people you are expecting to hold in the space in addition to the stage.  Some groups have found it extremely helpful to actually measure out the size of the stage so that they would be able to visually identify with the stage size.
  • Groups reserving Lamberton Great Room may use the staging that is currently in the building.  There are eight sections of 4’ x 8’ stage and 16” high.
  • It is extremely important to plan in advance. Once the stage is delivered and set up, we cannot order additional staging!