University Center / Lamberton Hall

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University Center Building Information

29 Trembley Drive
Lehigh University
Bethlehem, PA 18015

Hours for Fall 2021 Semester

Beginning Monday August 23:

Monday - Thursday 7am - 11:30pm  Friday 7am - 9:30pm

Saturday and Sunday 10am - 9:30pm

Offices and Services:

Gender Violence Education and Support

Room C108

Phone: (610) 758-1300

Center for Gender Equity 

Director Office - Room C210

Phone: (610) 758-6484

Health Advancement and Prevention Strategies

Room 403/Room 405

Phone: (610) 758-0050

Community Service

Room B001

Phone: (610) 758-6674

The Pride Center

Room C212

Phone: (610) 758-4126

First Year Experience and Orientation

Room C111

Phone: (610) 758-1300 

Fraternity and Sorority Affairs

Room B013

Phone: (610) 758-4157

Leadership Development and Civic Engagement 

Room B004

Phone: (610) 758-6674

Center for Gender Equity 

Room C207

Phone: (610) 758-6484

Student Engagement Office

Room C105

Phone: (610) 758-6670

Office of Multicultural Affairs

Room C208

Phone: (610) 758-5973

Student Center Facilities

First Floor Information Desk - Room C102

Phone: (610) 758-4163 or (610) 758-4160

Wells Fargo Bank

Room A205 - 2ND FLOOR (by Food Court)   ATM - 2nd floor by Food Court

Phone: 610-861-1203

Lehigh Dining Services

Room B017

Phone: (610) 758-4512 or (610) 758-4166 (

  • 1st Floor: The Cort at Lower UC, Johnson Dining Room
  • 2nd Floor: Food Court, Baker's Junction, & Pandinis
  • 3rd Floor: Asa Packer Dining Room
  • For hours of operation, please visit:


U.C. Reservable Spaces

2nd Floor:

3rd Floor:

4th Floor:

U.C. Technology Information

Wireless Coverage:

Wired Ethernet Locations:

  • UC 303D - Hutchinson Room
  • UC 304 - Bishop Stevens
  • UC 401
  • UC 408
  • UC 409

Equipment Available

If you plan on using equipment during your event, please indicate specifically what you will need in Campus Reservations System.

University Center Equipment

  • LCD Projectors
  • Microphones (wired & wireless) and Microphone Cords
  • Overhead Projectors
  • VHS / DVD Player with Portable TV
  • Portable Screens
  • Podium with/without built-in microphone (wired)


Lamberton Hall Information

690 Taylor Street
Lehigh University
Bethlehem, PA 18015

Fall 2021 Semester Hours (beginning August 23)

Lamberton Great Room 10am- 10pm  (7 days a week)

Game Room 2nd floor 11am - 11pm  (7 days a week)

Lamberton Great Room


The numbers below describe maximum seating capacity under the best possible conditions. Seating capacity is affected by many variables, including tables needed for food or registration, or space needed for staging.

  • Audience Seating - 180
  • Round Tables - 120

Breakout Rooms 152, 153


Each room seats up to 15.
Room 153 has a conference table that seats up to 12. Room 152 can be arranged in multiple configurations of tables and chairs.
Both rooms are equipped with white boards and dry erase markers


Hawk's Nest Hours (Dining operation): 
Monday through Wednesday: 10:30 am - 2 am
Thursday and Friday: 10:30 am to 4 am
Saturday: 11am to 4 am
Sunday: 11am to 3 am

Hawk's Nest Hours during non-academic periods will be posted on website:

Lamberton Hall Game Room - 2nd floor

Open 12noon - 10pm during academic year

Featuring:  PS4, PS3, XBox 1, XBox 360, Wii U, Foosball, Billiards and Air Hockey

Lamberton Hall Technology Information

Wireless Coverage

The Great Room and Hawk's Nest dining area have coverage. 2nd floor lounge areas and breakout rooms may receive reduced coverage.

In order to access the wireless system in our facility, your laptop will need to be configured to the Lehigh system. For more information, go to:

Wired Ethernet Locations

  • Breakout Rooms 152, 153
  • Great Room

    Equipment Available

    Any equipment needed for your event, please indicate specifically when placing your reservation into Campus Reservations System.

    Lamberton Great Room Equipment

    • Audio/Visual Cart including
      • LCD Projector
      • DVD Player
      • Microphone Mixer, Auxiliary Audio Input
    • Built in Projector screen
    • Microphones (wired) and Microphone Cords
    • Document Camera
    • Room Sound including
      • Radio,
      • CD Player
      • Auxiliary Audio Input