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ADA Accessibility 

The Health & Wellness Center is on the third floor of Johnson Hall and is accessible via elevator. For security purposes, the elevator entrance to the Health & Wellness Center remains locked throughout the day. Should you need access to the Health & Wellness Center via elevator for any reason, please call the front desk at 610-758-3870 and we would be happy to assist you in unlocking the elevator. 

After Hour Support

Clinician on-call for urgent matters (non-emergency)

How to contact the on-call clinician:

  •  Call 610-758-3870

  • Tell the answering service you'd like a call back from the on-call Health & Wellness Center clinician

  • Give your full name and telephone number

  • A nuse, nurse practitioner, or physician from our office will call you back

ER/Urgent Care

Lehigh University students who feel they cannot wait until the Health Center is open may utilize the local Emergency Department.

  • St. Luke's University Hospital (the closest hopsital to campus)
    801 Ostrum Street, Bethlehem, PA 18015

  • Lehigh Valley Hospital - Muhlenberg
    2545 Schoenersville Road, Bethlehem, PA 18017

Or go to one of the following Urgent Care Centers:


Allergy Injections

Allergy injections are given:

Monday - Thursday       

9:00AM - 11:00AM and 1:30PM - 3:00PM

Students receiving allergy injections must remain at the Health & Wellness Center for 30 minutes following injection(s) and must report to the nurse prior to leaving the office. Physical activity should be avoided for 90 minutes before and after injections. 

We require all allergy patients to carry an emergency kit to all allergy injection appointments. The emergency kit must include, at a minimum, an Epi-Pen, Benadryl, and rescue inhalers if prescribed. It is the policy of the Health & Wellness Center to notify the Lehigh University Police Department of any student who carries an Epi-Pen.



It's never been easier to make an appointment!


  • Make it online (at least one hour and up to two weeks in advance) by clicking on the patient portal link and following the simple instructions. This link is active 24/7/365.


  • Call 610-758-3870 during office hours to schedule an appointment.

NOTE: Students who miss an appointment without notifying our office at least 30 minutes in advance will be charged $5 (to their bursar account) for each missed appointment.


  • Monday - Thursday 8:15 AM - 4:00 PM

  • Friday - 9:15 AM - 4:00 PM

  • Saturday - Sunday CLOSED


  • Weekdays 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

  • CLOSED 12:30 - 1:00 for lunch

  • Saturday - Sunday CLOSED

​Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Confidentiality/Privacy Policy

Medical Records are kept strictly confidential and are released only with a student's written consent. If a student wishes for a member of the Health & Wellness Center staff to discuss his/her medical records with anyone, the student needs to sign a release of information form. A record release form can be obtained at the Health & Wellness Center. Review our privacy policy.


The Health & Wellness Center works closely with University Counseling & Psychological Services to help students address common mental health challenges.


Crutches and Canes are available to students to borrow. Students must first be evaluated by a Health & Wellness Center provider to determine the extent of the injury. Students are responsible for the equipment being loaned to them and are asked to return the equipment within a reasonable period of time.

If the equipment is not returned, the student will be emailed and the Bursar account will be charged the cost of the item.


The Lehigh University Health & Wellness Center provides acute and on-going care to over 5,000 undergraduate and 1,800 graduate students.

Graduate students who also work for the Lehigh University and receive their health insurance through the Human Resources office are not eligible to use the Health & Wellness Center.

If a person is eligible to receive benefits through Lehigh University Human Resources, regardless of whether or not they receive them, they are not eligible to receive services at the Health & Wellness Center. For more information, refer to Faculty/Staff Guides.

Employees (and their spouses/partners) who are taking classes at Lehigh are not eligible to use the Health & Wellness Center. 

Excuse Policy

The Health Center does not write medical excuses for missed classes. If you miss a class or a day of classes due to illness, athletic competition, personal issue, or other reason, it is extremely important that you contact your instructor as soon as possible. A report of student absence form is available at Student Absence.

A Dean's Note is required for students who:

  • miss more than a week of classes OR

  • miss an exam

Students who have concerns or miss class for more than a week or an exam should also contact:
                Academic Life & Student Transitions
                Williams Hall, Suite 390

To avoid spreading infections, please do not go to the Dean of Student's office while you are ill.


NOTE: Students who miss an appointment without notifying our office at least 30 minutes in advance will be charged $5 (to their bursar account) for each missed appointment.

Most services provided by the Lehigh University Student Health & Wellness Center are without a fee.  Fees apply only to certain services:

Allergy Injections $150.00 per academic year
Annual Women's Health/GYN Fee $30.00
Chlamydia/Gonorrhea Testing $15.00
Driver's License Physical $30.00
Gardasil (HPV vaccine) $255.00 per injection - series of 3 injections
Herpes Testing $30.00 minimum - additional cost for typing
Injectable Medication Fee $150.00 per academic year
Meningitis Vaccination $110.00 (MCV4, Menveo); $160.00 (Men B, Bexsero); $140.00 (Men B, Trumenba)
Pap Smear $55.00 minimum - additional cost if HPV testing indicated
Plan B (Emergency Contraception) $10.00
Study Abroad Physical $30.00
TB Skin Test $15.00
Teacher's Certification Physical $30.00
Tetanus Booster (Td/Tdap) $40.00

Any of the above services can be paid in cash or check, be billed to your bursar account, or paid with GoldPLUS.


An annual well woman visit or gynecological exam is important for a young woman when she becomes sexually active or at age 21 (whichever is earlier). There is a $30 annual fee for a student to receive gynecological care and/or a prescription for contraception.  Exams and added fees may include:

  • Instruction on self-breast exam

  • Pap smear ($55.00 fee) starting at age 21and periodically thereafter

  • Examination of the genital tract (uterus and ovaries) 

  • Testing for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea ($15.00 fee): the Centers for Disease Control recommends this once a year for all sexually active women 25 years old and younger.

Routine exams are offered Tuesday - Friday by appointment only at the Health Center. Please call 610-758-3870 to schedule an appointment.

If you believe you are currently experiencing a gynecologic problem, please call the Health Center number, 610-758-3870, and ask to speak with one of our providers to schedule an appointment.

Health Promotion


Health insurance is neccessary to cover costs for services not available through the Health & Wellness Center. Lehigh University sponsors a low cost insurance plan designed specifically for college students. Information about the plan is available through the Bursar's Office at 610-758-3160 or by visiting the University Health Plans, Inc. website.

The Health & Wellness Center recommends students and parents check with their individual health insurance regarding coverage benefits and necessity for referrals. Families may wish to supplement their student's insurance with the university sponsored plan.

Lab Services

The Health & Wellness Center performs on-site rapid strep tests, urinalysis and urine pregnancy tests.

For your convenience, Health Network Labratories is available at the Health & Wellness Center during the fall and spring semesters on:

  • Monday 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm 

  • Wednesday 9:00 am - 10:00 am

  • Thursday 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm 

Blood work performed by Health Network Laboratories at the Health & Wellness Center is subject to laboratory fees. You will be asked to provide your health insurance information to the Health Network laboratory technician. It is your responsibility to verify that your health insurance participates with Health Network Laboratories. In addition, Quest Diagnositics, LabCorp, and St. Luke's Hospital Lab are all a short distance from campus. 

Students who have purchased health insurance through University Health Plans may use Health Network Laboratories. In general, students must see a Health & Wellness clinician in order to have laboratory work covered by this insurance plan.

Suggestion: Keep a copy of your current health insurance card in your phone. 

Medication Injections

We understand that certain students receive medication injections on a scheduled basis. Before we can administer those medications, we require certain documentation from your physician. We require a medical diagnosis, summary of  care on office letterhead, and a written prescription with the dosage and frequency of the medicine from a U.S licensed physician. The medication must be dispensed from a U.S pharmacy. We DO NOT administer investigational or non U.S. medications. The medication must be FDA approved for the stated medical diagnosis within the U.S. We DO NOT administer the first injection. 

The Health & Wellness Center will require you to sign an Injection Agreement. This agreement will serve as a contract between you and the Health & Wellness Center. 

Your bursar account will be charged $150 to cover the cost for the academic year. The Health & Wellness Center does not bill insurance companies. We will provide a receipt for you to submit to your insurance company. Obtaining reimbursement is your responsibility and cannot be guaranteed.


Mission Statement

The Health & Wellness Center supports the mission of the University. We are dedicated to working in collaboration with our campus colleagues to optimize the physical and emotional well-being of our students.

The mission of the Health & Wellness Center is to provide students with:

  • High quality, compassionate medical care

  • Non-judgmental care that respects individual differences in a confidential environment

  • The knowledge and ability to treat themselves for minor illnesses and injuries


This website is not intended to replace the advice of a medical provider. For general questions or concerns, please send us an e-mail at . Note: this email is intended for non-emergencies only. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. E-mail received over the weekend will be treated as if received Monday morning.

Parking Permits

The Health & Wellness Center does not issue medical Parking Permits for students. Students requesting a medical Parking Permit are to contact Parking Services for a medical Parking Permit request form.

Patient Portal

Students can log onto their secure Patient Portal to make online appointments, check secure messages, and print their immunization record history here.


The following pharmacies are very close to campus; all are within walking distance.

  • CVS 305 W. 4th Street, Bethlehem, PA 18015 phone: 610-691-4085

    • Monday - Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:30 pm

    • Sunday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

  • Rite-Aid 104 E. 3rd Street, Bethlehem, PA 18015 phone: 610-867-3981

    • Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

    • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

    • Sunday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • Family Prescription Center 439 Wyandotte St, Bethlehem, PA 18015 phone: 610-866-0709 

    • Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm

    • Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

    • Sunday : Closed 


Prescriptions written by outside physicians cannot be filled at the Health & Wellness Center. They must be taken to a local pharmacy. 

Our Health & Wellness Center clinicians write prescriptions for many medications. We do not write for ADHD medications, Accutane and certain psychiatric medications. 

  • ADHD: Students who are prescribed medication for ADHD must make arrangements with their prescribing physician to continue their medication. Students interested in finding a local prescribing physician can contact the Health & Wellness Center for more information.

  • Accutane: Those who are prescribed Accutane must make arrangements with their prescribing physician to continue their medication. Students interested in finding a local prescribing physician can contact the Health & Wellness Center for more information.

  • Psychiatric medication: This is considered on an individual basis, depending on the diagnosis and the medication. Incoming students should check with their current prescribing physician to make arrangements for prescriptions while they are at Lehigh.

Appointments for prescriptions should be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Sexual Health

Sexual Health issues remain some of the most important health concerns for young adults. Many of these issues carry with them the potential for significant, and often long term consequences. Since many problems can be either avoided or minimized through some simple measures (education, risk reduction, behavior modification, routine examinations and testing) the Health and Wellness Center strongly encourages students to take advantage of the services available. The Lehigh University Health and Wellness Center offers a confidential, non-judgmental environment where students can come to address questions and concerns.


The HPV vaccine is currently recommended, per CDC guidelines, for both females through age 26 and male students through age 21 (optional through age 26). Female and male students are advised to call for an appointment to discuss or receive the vaccine.


Various contraceptive services are available at the Health & Wellness Center including prescriptions for the following:

  • Oral Contraceptive Pills (OCP’s)

  • NuvaRing (self-inserted monthly vaginal contraceptive)

  • Diaphragm fittings

  • Depo-Provera injections

Emergency contraception (the morning after pill), may be purchased confidentially from a member of the Student Health and Wellness Center staff in the check out area, by both male and female students, for a low cost of $30.00. We encourage students to purchase it in advance of possible need. There is no need to call in advance for an appointment for this service.

Condoms are given out free of charge at the Health Center.

Please be aware that the Health & Wellness Center does not FILL prescriptions. Students must take their prescriptions to a local pharmacy.


Sexually transmitted infections or STI's are among the most important public health problems in the U.S. with a large percentage of these occurring in college students. The Lehigh University Health & Wellness Center is available to aid in the diagnosis and the treatment of infected patients and to provide counseling and patient education.

Chlamydia and Gonorrhea
The Health and Wellness Center offers testing for both men and women to detect chlamydia and gonorrhea for $15.

The CDC recommends chlamydia testing EVERY YEAR in sexually active women 25 years old and younger. The test in women is done during the gynecologic exam or by a self-collected vaginal swab or urine specimen.

In males, the test is done by the collection of a urine specimen. The urine specimen must be collected at least one hour after the last time you voided.

Testing of possible herpes sores is available for a fee. Students who desire a blood test for herpes titers (evidence of past infection) should make an appointment to discuss this with a provider.

HIV/Syphilis testing:
Free HIV & syphilis testing are available:

Bethlehem Health Bureau
10 Church Street, City Hall Bethlehem
Phone: 610-865-7087
Monday and Friday 1:00pm-3:00pm.

Specialist Referrals

The Health & Wellness Center works closely with local medical specialists. We would be happy to provide you with a list of specialists at your request. 

Weather Emergencies

Weather emergencies can make it very difficult and dangerous for Lehigh University staff to get to campus. In the case of a weather event, please call our main number at 610-758-3870 to check on availibility. 

If the Health & Wellness Center is unable to open, a clinician from our office is available by dialing our main number. Tell the answering service you'd like a call back from the on-call Health & Wellness Center clinician.

X-rays & Imaging

X-ray services are not available on campus. X-rays and other imaging studies ordered by the Health & Wellness Center can be performed at local radiology facilities.