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• Lehigh Review

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Lehigh Review

All first-year students have the opportunity to submit a Summer Reading reflection to the Lehigh Review, an entirely student-produced journal containing some of the best scholarly writing by Lehigh undergraduates. Everyone who submits a reflection will receive a 5x10 credit, and a lucky few students will have their reflections published in the journal, under the “Emerging Voices” section.  Submissions must be between 300-500 words, typed and submitted to the staff of the Lehigh Review directly (inlr@lehigh.edu) as a Word document. Submissions are accepted until mid October (Date TBD).

Prompts related to the 2020 Summer Reading Selection will be posted this summer!

Lehigh Summer Reading Library

Did you enjoy this year's Summer Reading books? Would you like to learn more about the theme? We have a whole library of additional books we considered for this year that you are welcome to come and borrow for free. Just pop by our office--University Center 112--to browse the shelf and check out a book. We don't just have food books, either; we also have a number of books on Health & Community (2018 theme), History & Societal Change (2017 theme), Food: What Nourishes Us, (2016 theme), Technology and the Digital World, (2015 theme). You can see the full list here. Happy reading!