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Housing Withdrawal

Housing Withdrawal (Residence Hall and Greek)

Students occupying university housing facilities who withdraw or take a leave of absence are given 48 hours from the time of withdrawal to complete the Check-Out Procedures listed below.  Students who are suspended, expelled or are otherwise dismissed from the university are required to remove their belongings from their residence and return keys immediately. The Dean of Students or the Office of Residential Services may allow additional time on a case-by-case basis.


Check-Out Procedures:

All personal property must be completely removed from the room.  This includes student furniture, carpets, lofts, etc.  Check all desk and dresser drawers and closets to make sure that all personal belongings are removed.  Lehigh University is not responsible for any personal items left behind. All room furnishings must be present, reassembled, in good condition and returned as close as possible to original placement. The room should be clean and trash discarded in popper receptacles.  An inspection will conducted by Residential Services/Residence Life Staff following your departure.  Charges will be assessed to you if any items appear to be student damage or if excessive cleaning is required.

**If you rented a Microfridge from Campus Specialties, it is your responsibility to contact them (800)525-7307 to pick up the unit.  Do not leave it with someone else.  You are financially responsible for the unit.

**All keys that were issued to you must be returned to the Office of Residential Services(63 University Dr.) during business hours or to access control key drop box(42 University Dr.) after hours and on weekends PRIOR to your departure.  The charge for not returning a key is $35.


Room Refund:

If eligible, refund of room charges will not be considered until the room is vacated and all keys issued have been returned. Calculation of any proportionate refund will be determined by such date.  (See the Student Handbook:  Financial Responsibility – Residence Hall Housing Deposit / Room Refunds)


Future Housing:

Students who withdraw or take a leave of absence in the Fall semester and returns in the following Spring semester MUST contact the Office of Residential Services directly(610-758-3500) regarding housing arrangements.  Housing contracts are signed for a full academic year which obligates the student to reside in university housing upon their return for the spring.