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Lehigh after Dark
Lehigh University
Bethlehem, PA 18015

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Lehigh After Dark is a program offered at Lehigh University to expand social options for students on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights between 10pm-2am.

Lehigh After Dark (LAD) events are always co-sponsored by a wide-variety of on-campus clubs and organizations. Events range from weekly trivia nights to athletic challenges; bingo to instructional dance programs - every week offers something fun and different with the opportunity to meet new people across campus.

Do you have an idea for a fun, fresh and exciting event? If so, we encourage you to check out the funding guidelines and apply today!

To learn more about Lehigh After Dark and how it got started here on our campus, click here.

What types of events does Lehigh After Dark co-host?

Lehigh After Dark events provide alcohol-free social options for students on weekend nights. These events are meant to expand the already vibrant and exciting social environment at Lehigh. The types of events that are offered are often guided by the request of the sponsoring organization but LAD welcomes fresh and unique ideas to add to our calendar.  Here are some of the activities LAD has co-hosted in the past:

  • Movie nights

  • Live music

  • Intramural sports tournaments

  • Outdoor adventures

  • Community service

  • Fitness classes

  • Trips to local sporting events

  • Trips to cultural events

  • Video game tournaments

  • Bowling

  • Trips to galleries/ exhibits

  • Student talent shows

  • Board games/Bingo

  • Cultural and ethnic activities

  • Dance classes

  • Pool tournaments

  • Karaoke night

  • "Make and take" crafting activities

What is the Lehigh After Dark Event Activity Fund?

The Lehigh After Dark Activity Fund has been established to provide support for programs that provide undergraduate students with quality social, cultural, intellectual and community development activities that do not focus on alcohol and are open to the entire Lehigh community.

Funding will be awarded to new or existing activities held on or off of Lehigh's campus, and may be used to cover a variety of activity expenses that include food, security, transportation, facility rental, publicity, or prizes.