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Residential Tutoring

What is RST?

The aim of the Residential Studying & Tutoring program (RST) is to help promote effective study habits and to bring academic support for some of the University's most challenging and demanding courses into the residence halls. The RST program, developed jointly by the Center for Academic Success and the Office of Residence Life in 2012, was designed to provide students with the opportunity to connect with other residents, study with peers, and seek the help of a knowledgeable tutor.

What courses are offered?

We will offer RST in Chemistry 30/31 and Calculus (including Math 021, 022, 023 and 081) in Spring 2016.

When is RST offered?

RST sessions are offered on a weekly basis Sunday through Wednesday 8:00-10:00pm.  RST will begin the starting the second week of classes and will continue through the last week of classes. 

Where is RST Offered?

RST sessions are offered in each of the five first-year residence hall areas — Upper Centennials, Lower Centennials, Richards, Dravo and M&M.  Students can contact the gryphon on duty at the phone numbers listed below for access into the spaces if needed.  Specific locations are as follows:

  • Dravo -- B213 Lounge 484-515-5174
  • M&M -- 3rd floor Lounge 484-515-4818
  • Richards -- 1st Floor Study Lounge 484-515-4946
  • Lower Cents Palmer -- 1st floor quiet study lounge 484-515-4300
  • Upper Cents McConn -- 1st floor study lounge 484-515-4317
  • Taylor --Blue Lounge


What can you expect at an RST session?

Students will be encouraged to work collaboratively with peers in order to solve problems and understand challenging course concepts. Tutors are always present and will answer questions and help guide learning as needed.  

RST Assessment/Usage Data

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