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Student Affairs Staff Honors and Awards

National and Regional Awards


Pete Costa - Received Honorary Diploma from American Veterinary Epidemiology Society (AVES) for significant contributions to public health.

Amanda Slichter - First place recipient of the regional MACUHO (Mid-Atlantic College and University Housing Officers) annual conference case study competition.

Chelsea Fullerton - 2016 recipient of the CLGBTA Val DuMontier New Professional Award.

Elizabeth Shayler, Ashley Baudouin - Lehigh University recipient of the TIPS Award of Excellence. (This is an award bestowed by our President & CEO and is chosen by an internal committee based on feedback from our Master Trainers, TIPS Trainers, and course participants. Lehigh University has repeatedly demonstrated their commitment to preventing the misuse of alcohol on their campus and in their community by training their students in the TIPS program.)



Carter Gilbert - First place recipient of the Winter Virtual Case Study, hosted by the ACPA Standing Committee for Graduate Students & New Professionals.


Institutional Awards


Cheryl Ashcroft - Hillman Exempt Staff Award.

Julie Ammary - Alfred Noble Robinson Staff Award.

Tyrone Russell - LU Distinguished Service Award.

Allison Ragon - LU Distinguised Service Award.

Rita Jones - Student Club/Organization Advisor of the Year - Student Life Leadership Awards.

Christine Gravelle - Dean of Students Staff Member of the Year Award.


Publications and Presentations


Adriane Stasurak - Presented on how evidence-based practices relate to helping college-aged patients and the future of primary care utilizing the CDC Get Smart program regarding the appropriate use of antibiotics.

Chelsea Fullerton - Presented a session entitled "Modeling Inclusive Leadership: LGBTQ Considerations in Information Technology" at the PA Banner Users Group Conference.

Barbara Ryan Hausman - Presented a Poster Session for Student Affairs Assessment Symposium.

Christine Gravelle Presented at the Student Affairs Assessment Symposium. “Leading with Integrity & Inspiring Action” Pecha Kucha presentation and “Redefining What It Means To Lead: Utilizing the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership (MSL) To Inform Our Work”.

Christine Gravelle - Research and Graduate Studies Stem. “Reframing Your Mindset.” Half-day facilitation presented to the research and graduate studies stem at Lehigh University.

Christine Gravelle - Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity. “Millennial students in universities and the MBTI.” Half-day facilitation presented to Pi Lambda Phi international fraternity board of directors, Philadelphia, PA.

Elizabeth Shayler - Hazing Prevention Consortium Webinar: Core Strategies and Lessons Learned (Co-presenter).

Elizabeth Shayler - Recognizing & Preventing Hazing Webinar: Clery Center National Campus Safety Awarness Month (Co-presenter).

Elizabeth Shayler - Hazing Prevention: What We Have Learned from the Consoritum-AFA Presentation at 2015 Annual Meeting (Co-presenter).

Elizabeth Shayler - Student Affairs Assessment Symposium: Unpacking Organizational Hazing Culture (Presenter).

Matt Kitchie - "ACU"I" Have A Story: International Study Tour" Presentation at the ACUI Region VII Conference at Temple University.

Jess Manno, Taran Cardone - NASPA 2016 Presentation "What is a Student Life Curriculum? New Approach to Practice & Learning Across the Institution" at Virginia Tech.

Ashley Baudouin, Carter Gilbert - Back to Basics: A Model for Courageous Conversations presented at the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Annual Meeting (Co Presenters).

Pete Costa - Presentation: Development of the Work Hard, Play Smart Program. Peter J. Costa, MPH, MCHES & Lucy Napper, PhD. Lehigh Student Affairs Assessment Symposium, Pennsylvania USA, 2015.

Pete Costa - Poster: Data to Practice: Using the ACHA-NCHA to Move Toward Healthy Campus 2020. Jenna Papaz, MPH, CHES & Peter J. Costa, MPH, MCHES. Lehigh Student Affairs Assessment Symposium, Pennsylvania, USA, 2015. 

Pete Costa - Poster: Improving Health Communications Through Innovative and Captive Ways. Rachel Sholder, `16, Jenna Papaz, MPH, CHES, and Peter J. Costa, MPH, MCHES. Lehigh Student Affairs Assessment Symposium, Pennsylvania, USA, 2015.


Julie Ammary - Co-authored a chapter of Applied Sport Psychology: Personal Growth to Peak Performance (7th Edition) Williams.

Matt Kitchie - Presented a webinar with CollegiateLink as part of the CollegiateLink training series.

Cheryl Ashcroft - AHEAD Conference Presenter, Sacramento, CA.

Cheryl Ashcroft - Consultant to Haverford College, Princeton University and Lafayette College.

Taran Cardone, Ashlety Gray, Brandon Morris and Jenn Scaia - Presented full day pre-conference at ACPA in Tampa FL entitled "Re-Inventing Student Leader Training to Promote Self-Authorship & Transformative Learning".

Christine Gravelle - Universities as NGOs: Promises and Challenges of United Nations NGO Status.  Panel presentation presented at the Comparative and International Education Society in Washington, D.C.

Christine Gravelle - Earth and Environmental Sciences. “Strategic Planning.” Full-day facilitation presented to the earth and environmental sciences department at Lehigh University.

Christine Gravelle - Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village Board of Directors. “Visioning.” Full-day facilitation presented to the board of directors for the NGO ASYV, New York board. The village is located in Rwanda.

Pete Costa - Presentation: Health Promotion Directors Boot Camp. Peter J Costa, MPH, MCHES & Gina Baral Abrams, MPH, EdM, LSW, MCHES. American College Health Association Annual Meeting, Texas, USA, 2014.



Taran Cardone - Published: Cardone, T., Turton, E.S., Olson, G. and Magolda, M.B., Learning Partnerships in Practice: Orientation,, Leadership, and Residence Life. About Campus, 18; 2-9.

Taron Cardone - Presented at the AFA Regional 1 Drive in Conference held at Lehigh on "Self-Authorship and the Greek Experience".

Pete Costa - Published: Taylor, L., Costa, P. & Briggs, D. Public Health Management of Humans at Risk. In A. Jackson & W. Wunner (Eds.) Rabies, Third Edition. Academic Press, 2013, 543-573


Professional Affiliation/Service


Christine Gravelle - AFA Annual Meeting Educational Programs Ambassador.

Chris Mulvihill - Student Conduct: Fall 2015  OSC&CE conduct 66+ hours of outreach on a variety of topics.

Stefanie Burke - Serving as the Membership & Outreach Coordinator for the National Orientation Director's Association Region 8 Leadership Team.

Pete Costa - Associate Executive Director, One Health Commission, Inc., Apex, NC USA



Katie Guynn - Accepted to the NCAA/NACWAA Institute for Administrative Advancement. NACWAA is the National Association of Collegiate Women and Athletic Administrators.

Chris Mulvihill - Hosted the LVAIC Conduct Officers at Lehigh for a day long session on issues related to Title IX.

Chris Mulvihill - Hosted the Maxient National Annual Regional meeting summer 2015.

Chris Mulvihill, Holly Taylor, Carter Gilbert & Elizabeth Shayler - Provided expert level information at the LVAIC Greek Professionals meeting.

Rita Jones - Women's Center invited to collaborate by NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association).

Christine Gravelle - One of 8 individuals to participate in the Machu Picchu Leeadership Expedition in Peru.

Christine Gravelle - Alternate Representative to the United Nations on behalf of Lehigh University.

Christine Gravelle - Alternate representative to the United Nations on behalf of Lehigh as of January 2015.

Stefanie Burke - Attended the Orientation Professionals Institute.

Pete Costa - Consultant (IPA), Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA USA

Pete Costa - Member, Master of Public Health Advisory Committee, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, East Stroudsburg, PA USA

Pete Costa - Member, Lehigh Valley Health Sciences Advisory Board, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, Bethlehem, PA USA

Pete Costa - Member, Healthy Campus Assessment Subcommittee, American College Health Association , Washington, D.C. USA

Pete Costa - Moderator, Communication and Cultural Aspects of Rabies, 26th International Rabies in the Americas Conference, Fort Collins, CO USA

Christine Gravelle - Member of the Comparative and International Education International Evaluation Team, working with an NGO on M&E in Rwanda.

Jenn Scaia - One of 18 accepted into an internationally competitive Facilitator Preparation Program with the Center for Courage & Renewal founded by Parker Palmer.

Allison Ragon - NODA, The Association for Orientation, Transition, Retention in Higher Education - Elected to serve as the executive Secretary/Treasurer.


Advanced Degrees/Certificates


Gina Abrams, Sharon Basso, Ashley Baudouin, Andrea Barker, Stefanie Burke,Taran Cardone, Pete Costa, Margarida Da Graca, Brooke DeSipio, Maddy Eadline, Ethan Fields, Kara Gensamer, Carter Gilbert, Amanda Gilmore, Christine Gravelle, Allison Gulati, Carolina Hernandez, Kathleen Hutnik, Katherine Lavinder, Ashley Lemmons, Jess Manno, Lori McClaind, Zach Miller, Brandon Morris, Chris Mulvihill, Aarsenio Perry, Tyrone Russell, Ashley Sardick, Jenn Scaia, Elizabeth Shayler, John Smeaton, Pat Smeaton, Lloyd Steffen, Courtney Stephens, Holly Taylor, Tim Wilkinson - Completed Basic Restorative Practice training.

Sharon Basso, Maddy Eadline, Laurie Gray Evans, Christine Gravelle, Allison Gulati, Carolina Hernandez, Matt Kitchie, Katherine Lavinder, Ashley Lemmons, Lori McClaind, Tyrone Russell, Courtney Stephens, Holly Taylor - Completed Restorative Practice training certificate for IIRP licensed trainers.

Barbara Ryan Hausman - Certificate of Completion: Crucial Conversations.

Barbara Ryan Hausman - Completed: VISIONS’ Multicultural Process of Change Workshop and follow up workshop.


Matt Kitchie - Completed LU MBA.

Sharon Basso - Completed Ed.D.

Aarsenio Perry - MBTI Administer Certification.

Christine Gravelle - MBTI Administer Certification.

Elizabeth Shayler - TIPS Certified Trainer.

Matt Kitchie - TIPS Certified Trainer.


Katie Robinson - Completed MS in Human Resources.