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Break The Silence

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Break the Silence, a project of the Women’s Center, is a group of students who volunteer their time to address the issue of gender violence on campus. Members of this group complete 30 hours of gender violence training and 10 hours of peer education training, as well as attend weekly continuing education meetings.

For more information, contact the group’s advisor Brooke DeSipio, 610-758-5808 or

This group is currently accepting applications through September 30.

Break The Silence provides numerous programs and events on gender violence across campus:

Check out their upcoming events.

They can conduct a program for your group on a variety of gender violence topics including: rape, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking, harassment, rape culture, consent, bystander intervention, popular culture, and positive sex. Simply complete the program request form and a BTS member will contact you in order to design an individualized program for your group.

In addition to programs and events on campus, Break the Silence volunteers monitor a gender violence peer resource hotline.
BTS members are available to take your calls @ 610-974-HOPE Thursday through Monday 5:00 pm – 9:00 am each day during the fall and spring semester. During their off hours calls forward to Lehigh University Advocates.

Confidentiality Statement:
Break the Silence members are required to share this incident with the Assistant Director of the Women’s Center who oversees Break the Silence. The university is required by law to report statistics for all potential assaults, but we will do that using the last four digits of your university id, protecting your identity. Your identity will be protected when possible. However, there may be some situations in which you may be contacted by the police such as: if there is an imminent threat to the community, if we have multiple reports related to the same suspect or a pattern, if the alleged perpetrator is a university employee, or potentially, but less likely if we know the name of the suspect.