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Live Lehigh


Mission Statement

Lehigh University, the Office of Residence Life, and Office of Residential Services recognize the significance of community living in the residence halls as an opportunity for students to experience personal growth and development. The Live Lehigh Program provides upper class students two options to live and learn: 1) student initiated themed residential communities or 2) university sponsored special interest housing. 

Live Lehigh Structure 2013 - 2014

Learning Outcomes

Themed Residential Community:

As a result of participating in themed housing, students will be able to:

  • Create and operate within a meaningful theme and articulated purpose;
  • Demonstrate the promotion of the theme through programs and activities;
  • Develop strong education connections through the community's advisor;
  • Develop a strong social connection within the residential community;
  • Enhance the overall residential experience and greater Live Lehigh community.

Special Interest Housing:

Special interest housing provides students with:

  • Living options that meet a particular student need or interest;
  • Programming initiatives planned by the Gryphon with input and feedback from community members;
  • The opportunity to live in a niche interest community with groups ranging in size from 8 to 16 students.