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Lounge Space Reservations

Lounge space in residential buildings can be reserved by emailing the Assistant Director for that building with a request including the day, time, and event details.  The Assistant Director will confirm your reservation if space is available. 

For reservation of the UMOJA dance studio or first floor dining area, please use this link to submit a reservation request. Due to Umoja's primary purpose as a student-occupied residence hall, there are limited times and days that the space is available for reservation.

Incident Reporting Form

The following form can be used to report an incident to our staff.

Residential Posting Policy

If you have a flyer you would like to share with residents to help promote an upcoming program/event/opportunity/etc. please email a digital copy of the flyer to

We will post the flyer on our Gryphon Website so it is available to all of our Gryphons to then share out with their community.

Please note we are trying to limit distribution of printed promotional materials, and digital copies are preferred.  If your marketing materials are only available in printed form, please email to discuss a plan.  Additionally, advertising is only permitted for Lehigh affiliated organizations and approved programs and events.  Posting materials will not be accepted from non-Lehigh establishments and businesses, and solicitation is prohibited.  Unapproved, inappropriate, or improper postings may result in loss of posting privilege, financial responsibility for damages, or a referral to the University conduct process.

Sustainability in the Residence Halls

While living on-campus, there are many ways to continue sustainable living. Here are a couple ways to start getting involved:

  • The Eco-Reps Program: Become an Eco-Rep for your hall. The Eco-Reps program is a peer-education program that promotes sustainable practices in residence halls. For more information, please visit their website: