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About the OSLD

Our Vision
To prepare students to be positive examples of leadership excellence and social consciousness in a complex and ever-changing global community.
Our Mission
There is a universal need for dynamic leadership in our complex and ever-changing communities. Compelled to inspire and equip people to rise to the challenge together, the Office of Student Leadership Development serves as a connective hub where transformative collaboration and the facilitation of educational programs, consulting, and training opportunities catalyze visionary thinking, critical reflection, meaningful service and action.
Our Guiding Principles
- Access
- Approach
- Connections
- Outreach
Theory to Practice
The OSLD believes that theory to practice is critical to the development of our leadership efficacy, so we utilize several theoretical models and frameworks to help put theory into action. Our models and approaches include:
- Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
- Relational Leadership Model
- Self-Authorship
- Social Change Model
- Transformational Leadership

To learn more about the foundation of the OSLD, please feel free to view our strategic plan.