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Wednesday, November 6, 2013 - 11:32am

The Lehigh University Student Life Curriculum - named bLUeprint is a four-phase, basic-to-advanced process for Lehigh students to achieve five core learning outcomes through engagement within the Division of Student Affairs.


Taran Cardone, Mike Mullin & Chelsea Sims presented at the national ACPA Residential Curriculum Institute. It was truly an awesome experience to share what we've been creating here at Lehigh and receive feedback from the national community on our work.

The general consensus from them was: 

  • We are onto something with this thing!
  • We have managed to make this curriculum idea look visually appealing. (Thank you, Jill and Kayley!)
  • We must have the most wonderful staff ever since they are all willing to collaborate on something so seamless and integrative to benefit students.
  • We must have seriously intelligent and competent student leaders that they "get" what we are trying to do and have jumped on so quickly! 
  • "This was the best, most comprehensive example of a curriculum I have seen since attending this conference when it started in 2007!"

Learn more about bLUeprint.