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Study Skills Resources

Time Management

Time Management

Fall 2017 Semester Calendar

Spring 2017 Semester Calendar

Hourly Planner

Hourly Planner (fill in)


Procrastination Worksheet (Kansas State University)

Procrastination -- AsapScience YouTube Video (3 min)

The Science of Productivity Video -- AsapScience YouTube Video (3 min)

Study Strategies

10 Tips for a Academic Success

20 Tips for Academic Success

Active Study

Attitude & Academic Success

Study Habits Checklist

Concentration tips

Professors as a Resource

Study Groups

Memorization strategies

Textbook Reading - SQ3R method


Critical Thinking (Bloom's Taxonomy)

The Study Cycle  (LSU)

Active Reading (Dartmouth)

How to Get the Most Out of Studying: A Video Series -- Samford University

Studying Video -- University of Texas at Austin

Learning Styles Inventories

Felder-Silverman Learning Styles Inventory - online

Memletics Learning Styles Questionnaire - online

Learning Styles Inventory - paper

Learning Styles Study Strategies

Computer Science

Code Academy (especially useful for CSE 001)


Math study strategies

Tips for studying calculus

Sleep & Stress

Sleep Hygiene

Stress Management

Sleep Video -- Dartmouth University

The Wellness Wheel -- Louisiana State University


Studying for Tests

Preparing for Tests

Test Taking Tips

We never saw a problem like that before...

Learning from a Past Exam

Preparing for finals

Essay Tests

Multiple Choice Tests

Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety Information

Test Anxiety Questionnaire

Test Anxiety Tips


GPA Calculator

The Interactive Brain (Click on areas of brain for their function related to learning) -- Open Colleges