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Urban Ops

Welcome to Urban Operations

A map, a video camera, some cash to spend in the hottest tourist destination in the United States and time to explore with a group of your new best friends.
What do all of these have in common? Urban Ops: NYC and you!!
Urban Ops gives you the opportunity to begin your Lehigh journey by exploring the university and engaging in an overnight experience in New York City.
Throughout this experience you will participate in a ropes course, meet young Lehigh alumni and learn concepts of group dynamics that will help you
navigate the plethora of involvement opportunities Lehigh has to offer. After successfully completing a basic training on campus, you will become a member
of the Lehigh’s covert Special Forces known as Urban Operations.
As a mission operative you will be inserted into New York City, however, this is not your ordinary sight-seeing trip. Mission operatives will be deployed into
small squadrons with a highly trained Urban Ops squad leader (an upper class student) to scout New York City. Your squad’s mission will be to search out
your secret agent, obtain highly sensitive intelligence information and gather top secret reconnaissance about the urban environment all while using only
the resources provided to you by the headquarters.
Do you dare to take a bite out of the Big Apple?
This mission is headquartered in the Offices of Student Leadership Development and Student Activities. For further mission intel, please
contact urbanops@lehigh.edu or 610-758-6670.