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Upper Class Themed Residential Communities


There are 14 Themed Residential Communities for upper class students to choose from. The 2017-2018 communities are:

As a member of an Upper Class Themed Residential Community, you can:

  • develop a strong academic and social connection to Lehigh University and the surrounding community;
  • create a meaningful theme and a clearly communicated purpose or mission for your residential communities;
  • promote your mission through programs and activities; and
  • enhance the overall residential experience and greater Lehigh community.

2017-2018 Community Descriptions

ACTS II: A Christian Live Lehigh

Acts 2 Logo

Advisor: Jess Manno (Director, Assessment, Student Life Curriculum & Staff Development)
Community Coordinators: Malcolm Edrogan & Jin Kyeung (Robert) Min

Students participating in the Acts 2 community will learn to integrate Christ throughout every aspect of their lives. They will grow in their faith as they engage with a community of believers. The students focus on the importance of prayer, Sabbath, and quiet time. Community members will have access to weekly bible studies right in their own residence. In addition, the community will offer weekly fellowship dinners and will serve the local Bethlehem and Lehigh community through outreach programs.


CHOICE: A Substance Free Community

Choice LogoAdvisor: Dr. Lucy Naper (Faculty, Psychology Department)

This community is committed to healthy, substance-free living and active engagement. The residents are connected with one another and are involved in enhancing the Lehigh community as a whole. The advisor and the Gryphon plan extra/co-curricular activities that promote a sense of community and foster individual success.

“The diversity and kindness that exists within this community made my transition to college effortless, and I am so happy to have made friends that will last a lifetime. CHOICE has become my family, and I am grateful to be a part of it.” - Grace Lin, CHOICE, Class of 2019

The Creative Commons: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community

Creative Commons LogoAdvisor: Lisa Getzler-Linn (Co-Executive Director, The Baker Institute for Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation), Jodie Johnson (Program Coordinator, The Baker Institute), and Marc de Vinck (Baker Professor of Practice in the Masters of Engineering in Technical Entrepreneurship)

Creative Commons houses students from a variety of backgrounds with two things in common: big ideas and the drive to make them a reality. These students tap into their creative energy and explore their passions alongside of similarly motivated students through collaboration with The Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship and innovators in and around Bethlehem.

“Creative Commons has some incredibly cool events from networking, to creating physical gizmos, to just hanging out with people with shared passion. Everyone here is very energetic about innovation and creativity which fosters an amazing atmosphere. Also, Will, our Gryphon, helps us realize our dreams by connecting us to resources, editing our resumes, or just chatting and being there when we need him.”  -Brian Tan, Class of 2019


Creative Vibes

Eco House LogoAdvisor: Kashi Johnson (Associate Professor of Theatre)
Community Coordinator: 
Donterrius Walker

Creative Vibes is a community that is based on combining Music and Community. With our in-house studio constructed by Creative Vibes members, artists will be able to freely record and create when they please. We have a vision where our community can be a real true family, meaning creating music together, eating together, grinding together and creating a long lasting bond between one another. We know that there are some artists that need some time alone so they can be able to get in their creative mindset, which is why multiple places are set up to accommodate that need. This will be key in developing our artists to be what they hope to become in the long run.

The artists from Creative Vibes will come out knowing and understanding how music impacts the world. In addition to this, our artists will also figure out who they really are, as human beings, and what purpose they have, while learning how they can use their talents to fulfill that purpose, whether it being for themselves, for the community, or for the world.


Culinary House

Eco House LogoAdvisor: Carrie Gerencher (Dietitian, Lehigh Dining Services)
Community Coordinator: Sage Chasen

The Culinary House is an inclusive community full of food lovers. If you love to cook, bake, eat, or watch the Food Network, then this community is for you. We host many events such as sit down dinners, bake sales, and friendly competitions like Chopped - Lehigh Edition. Students involved in the Culinary House also give back to the South Bethlehem community by volunteering at soup kitchens and promoting local restaurants. As a house focused on the culinary arts, the Culinary House has connections with local farms where students harvest locally grown, organic ingredients. The Culinary House is a very fun, accepting, and delicious community.   



Eco House

Eco House LogoAdvisors: Delicia Nahman (Sustainability Officer, Facilities Services)
Community Coordinators: Brennen Stenke & Eugene Vivino

Eco House unites a community of students with a passion for sustainable engineering. As a close knit community sharing similar interests, the Eco House community plans to apply knowledge they have obtained from their studies to hands-on engineering projects in which they work as a team to exercise and expand upon their engineering skills to contribute to environmental awareness. Projects will include hosting campus speakers, building rockets, utilizing a solar shed and composting program, and making physical improvements to their house in order to minimize their impact on the environment. Members of the community hope to collaborate with other campus organizations, such as EcoReps and Green Action, in order to engage the Lehigh community in sustainable programs.


First Generation

Advisors: Dr. Robert Flowers (Deputy Provost for Faculty Affairs) and Susan Ellis (Program Director for the Academic Advising Center)


The First Generation housing community’s mission is to constantly provide first generation college students with additional resources and communal support, all while celebrating the diversity and richness of each individual’s background. This community aims to empower first generation students by supplementing education in a way that is conducive to different learning styles, alleviating family stress and pressures by providing a supportive and stress free environment, and celebrating the richness and privileges of being a first generation college student.



Fit Living

Fit Living LogoAdvisors: Pat Costa (Director of the Integrated Business & Engineering Program)
Community Coordinator: Joseph Freeman

The Fit Living community is based on the goal of attaining a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of the idea. Members will practice regular physical activity and eat a balanced and healthy diet to keep their physical being in a manner that allows them to live life to its fullest. A healthy mind and social life will also be achieved through hard work in the classroom and creating a community of like-minded individuals who act as both a support and guidance system for one another. Community members learn to take advantage of the resources on campus to help them lead a full and healthy life as well as strategies and ideas that will go beyond their time here at Lehigh.




Advisor: Jason Loew (Department of Computer Science and Engineering)

The Gaming community fosters and grows individuals within the community by focusing on areas and skills involving management of time and priorities, as well as effective communication; an important skill in both gaming and life. This community creates the opportunity to bring together individuals from various places across campus with similar tied interests into one space to create a close-knit community with a high time commitment hobby of gaming.




Global Lehigh

Global Lehigh LogoAdvisor: Jeanne Tan Ma (Assistant Director, International Students & Scholars) & Jen Topp (Manager, International Connections)

Global Lehigh is a community of domestic and international students interested in exploring different countries and cultures through events, meals, guest speakers, film, and more. Students will connect with Lehigh’s resources for globalization, including the Office of International Students & Scholars, the Study Abroad Office, and the Lee Iacocca Institute. Participation in immersive events and discussions celebrating international cultures will expand students’ worldviews and prepare students for leadership roles in the global community.



Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation LogoAdvisor: Albert Neumeyer (Adjunct Professor, Department of Music)
Community Coordinator: Alex Ferencin

The Musical Appreciation community strives to spread the joy, passion, and artistry that can be created through music. Our community not only listens to music, but performs as a group, learns how to play different instruments, and immerses themselves into culturally diverse genres. Here in the Music Appreciation House we embrace the unique gifts that Lehigh’s student body has, and we also work to foster a talent in those willing to learn. Our primary goal is to foster a setting where those who are musical performers (and those who are looking to become musical performers) can feel comfortable and involved in a community where there is adequate practice space for the campus’ growing musicians.


Residential Fellow Community: It Takes a Village

Music Appreciation LogoLive-In Faculty Member:  Dr. Heather Johnson (Associate Professor of Sociology & Director of Eckardt Scholars Program)

The 2017-2018 academic year will be Professor Heather Johnson and her family's six year participating in Lehigh’s Residential Fellow Program. The Johnson-McCormicks live in Sayre Park Village as a Faculty Family in Residence. Students living in Sayre are able to participate with the Johnson-McCormicks in exploring the theme: ‘It Takes a Village!’ This program centers on the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child,” with the fundamental idea being that we, in community, are responsible for the well-being and potential of each individual. In addition to living in Sayre Building B, and regularly teaching her courses in the classroom located in Sayre Lodge, Professor Johnson and her family regularly welcome students into their lives through daily interaction in Sayre and around campus, gatherings in their home, and discussion series focused on the question “Does It Take a Village?” They are especially interested in issues related to community, diversity, identity, and the common good, and they organically explore these subjects through their daily interactions with students. Heather is Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of the Eckardt Scholars Program. The Johnsons adopted their twin sons, Kyle and Owen, from Haiti in 2005. Their daughter, Meera, was born in 2008.

Learn more about this community by clicking here!


STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

STEM LogoAdvisors: Dr. Vassie Ware and Dr. Neal Simon (Professors, Department of Biological Sciences)

Supported in part by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the STEM living community will develop students for leadership roles in their chosen field. STEM housing features programming with experts, peer-to-peer mentoring, and close faculty advising for residents.

"We have been able to partake in scientific seminars, colloquiums, tours, and social events that have provided us the opportunity to embrace our interest for the fields of sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The environment is absolutely inclusive, and provides students the opportunity to flourish while meeting more students.” -Patricia Morales, Class of 2019




Advisor: Aarsenio Perry (Assistant Director, Student Activities)

This community helps residents explore diversity and multiculturalism. Throughout the year, the UMOJA family becomes a center of mentorship and support that is committed to identity development and learning about others’ experiences. UMOJA is sponsored by The Office of Multicultural Affairs, the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Diversity, and the Office of Residence Life.