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  • Lehigh After Dark
    Lehigh After Dark provides many different types of programs for a wide range of student interests.
  • Banner Painting 2021
    Banner Painting before the big Le-Laf game in 2021
  • Students enjoy pizza and snacks before comedy show "The Best of Second City"
    Pizza and snacks before comedy show "The Best of Second City".
  • Trivia every Thursday night at 9pm and Wingo once a month- sign up to sponsor an event today!
    Weekly Trivia and Wingo- wings and bingo- offered once a month! Fill out a funding form to host one today.
  • Aladdin film played on the UC Front Lawn in August 2019 to kick of LADs fall semester, and included a market on top of the lawn.
    The live-action Aladdin film played on the UC Front Lawn in August 2019 to kick off LADs fall semester with tons of giveaways, food, and even a stunt jump.
  • Diwali 2021
    Diwali - one of the many student-run LAD events!
  • Seth Witcher, Alumn, Performs at LAD event
    Lehigh Alumn Seth Witcher performs at a Coffeehouse LAD event during the fall 2021 semester
  • The 2017 Bonfire for Le-Laf
    Clutch and friend, hanging out at the 2017 Lehigh After Dark "Slow Burn" bonfire for LE-LAF week.
  • LADs Aladdin on the Lawn as a part of orientation weekend.
    Lehigh After Dark presents: Aladdin, A Whole New World- movie on the UC lawn in August 2019.

Lehigh After Dark (LAD) helps create a vibrant campus nightlife by sponsoring a variety of social options that do not focus on alcohol. LAD funds undergraduate student groups to create and host fun and exciting events that are held on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and are open to the entire campus community.

The three types of programs:

Create-A-Program, Pick-A-Program, and LAD Signature Events.

Want to learn more? Click on Host a Program to get started. 

Upcoming LAD Events