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Lehigh After Dark

Photo of Lehigh After Dark activity: movie on the UC lawn

Lehigh After Dark is a new program offered at Lehigh University to expand social options for students on weekend nights. Lehigh students who are both drinkers and non-drinkers have voiced a strong interest in attending these types of events and activities and suggested that they be offered on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights between 10:00pm and 2:00am.

This Lehigh After Dark Activity Fund has been established to provide support for programs that provide undergraduate students with quality social, cultural, intellectual and community development activities that do not focus on alcohol and are open to the entire Lehigh community.

Funding will be awarded to new or existing activities held on or off of Lehigh's campus, and may be used to cover a variety of activity expenses that include food, security, transportation, facility rental, publicity, or prizes.

Our goal is to support healthy student behavior by expanding the vibrant and exciting social environment at Lehigh. Providing activities that do not focus on alcohol during time periods that are typically problematic for high-risk drinking is one promising prevention strategy. As a student, you can play an integral role by helping us develop this program by creating new activities, promoting Lehigh After Dark to your peers, and joining the Lehigh After Dark coordinating committee.

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What is Lehigh After Dark?

Lehigh After Dark is a new program that will be run by students to offer expanded social and recreational opportunities on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. If your student group has any suggestions for programming or if you want to play an active role in helping to launch this new program, please email us at

How to seek funding from Lehigh After Dark

The Lehigh After Dark fund supports and encourages quality recreational, social and/or educational activities that are open to the entire Lehigh community on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Funding is meant to support new as well as existing events or programs held on or off of Lehigh's campus. Be sure to review the complete funding guidelines. To apply, complete the online application.