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Fall 2020 Counseling Center Updates
The Counseling Center will continue to support students remotely during the Fall 2020.
  • Johnson Hall
  • Students active on the UC lawn
  • President John Simon
  • Stress Oasis
  • President John Simon
  • Campus Square

A Letter from the Director

My staff and I are aware that the continuing public health crisis associated with COVID-19 coincides with the persistent and re-acknowledged national and systemic crisis associated with racism that continues to harm all those hurt by the discrimination, unrecognized and unacknowledged biases, aggression and absence of loving respect often evident within and around us. We recognize that the challenges and traumas of this time affect individuals differently and often disproportionately because of race and other intersectional identities. We recognize...

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If after hours: Dial 610 758 3880, select “0” on the keypad, and talk to the counselor on call. Go to the nearest Emergency Room if you need immediate assistance.
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