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Educational Programs

Student-athlete leadership development is facilitated through educational programming, experiential learning and involvement opportunities, and consulting services.
Educational Programs
Developmentally incremental curricular programs for INDIVIDUAL STUDENT-ATHLETES by year in school include:
Lehigh P.R.I.D.E.:  Experienced Student-Athlete Mentors assist first year student-athletes in understanding their Personal Responsibility In Determining Excellence at Lehigh, academically, athletically, socially and in leading themselves consistently.
Emerging Leaders: Educates sophomore and junior student-athletes about how to lead by example, develop relationships with teammates, and gain the credibility to lead their teams vocally while actively supporting the efforts of current team captains.
Leadership Legacies: Supports veteran leaders and captains in the practical application of emotionally intelligent leadership and the navigation of team leadership challenges in partnership with their coaches.
LAUNCH: Encourages graduating student-athletes to reflect upon meaningful developmental experiences, identify transferable skills, and confidently network with successful alumni in preparation for next steps in life and leadership.
Coaches and Alumni complement and contribute to the individual and team leadership development processes, through commitment to continued leadership learning to maximize their own effectiveness as well as regular engagement and dialogue with student-athletes to strengthen the culture of excellence within the Lehigh Athletics community.