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Experiential Learning and Involvement Opportunities

Team Leaders
Team captains and veteran team leaders work diligently to hold themselves and their teammates accountable to collectively defined values, goals, leadership roles and behavioral expectations.  By consistently modeling team ideals and mobilizing others to act selflessly, team leaders demonstrate the courage to apply core leadership concepts into action.
Student-Athlete Mentors
A team of carefully selected and intentionally trained peer educators engage weekly with first-year student-athletes through the P.R.I.D.E. program to support their transition and provide guidance throughout their first semester at Lehigh.  Knowledgeable about resources on campus and modeling habits of peak performance in balancing academic, athletic and social commitments, mentors complement the leadership of team captains through meaningful relationships with teammates and peers.
Student-Athlete Council

A team of 20-25 selected leaders who collaborate to enrich the student-athlete experience through:

Advocacy:           Big picture problem solving, brainstorming, strategic planning about issues confronting student-athletes
Education:          Coordination of workshops and events that provide student athletes with knowledge, skills and tools to aid               
                             personal/professional growth
Relationships:   Advancing partnerships among the athletics, campus and alumni communities
Service:              Local, national and international agents of social change
            Community Outreach by Athletes who Care about Helping
Since 1991, the C.O.A.C.H. program has provided mutually beneficial service learning opportunities for Lehigh student-athletes and members of the Bethlehem community.  By serving as “C.O.A.C.H.es” for community youth, Lehigh student-athletes have support the efforts of parents, teachers and youth coaches by encouraging elementary, middle and high school students to commit to their education, make healthy lifestyle choices, and develop habits of respect for themselves and others in order to reach their full potential.
Student-Athletes Leading Social Change
Student-Athletes Leading Social Change is a passionate coalition of current and former college student-athletes from across the United States who are compelled to change the world on a local, national, and international levels.  Lehigh S.A.L.S.C. team members focus annually on raising funds and awareness in support of an education or health-related project in a developing community as well as ongoing social change initiatives within Lehigh’s community.