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evoLUtion Seminar

The evoLUtion Seminar is a fall semester experience that is founded in bLUeprint, which focuses on the Five Foundations of Student Success: Creative Curiosity, Identity Development, Collaborative Connections, Inclusive Leadership and Professional Growth and Success. Through intentional interactions, you will discuss your transition to the university environment, enhance your knowledge of campus resources, and develop skills that will be necessary for success in your academic and co-curricular experiences.


  • Seminar groups will be 15-17 first-year students.ropes course
  • All groups will have a student peer leader and at least one faculty/staff member facilitator.

Ropes Course

  • All new students and group facilitators will participate in the Lehigh Challenge Ropes Course the weekend of September 14-18, 2016.
  • The experience focuses on goal setting and using resources.

Individual Meetings

You will meet three times per semester with your faculty/staff facilitator and peer leader.

  • Facilitator Meeting 1: Discuss bLUeprint, academic and personal goals, transition to campus life
  • Facilitator Meeting 2: Discuss resources and goal progress, student challenges and what they are learning
  • Peer Leader Meeting: Discuss adjustment to Lehigh and social connections

Group Meetings

Draft Book

Small groups will meet at least three times in the first 10 weeks of the semester for 50 minutes each.

The general format of each meeting will be:

  • Meeting 1: Discuss individual experiences and identities, build a support network to enhance your success
  • Meeting 2: Discuss academic and campus resources and define goals for success
  • Meeting 3: Discuss current campus and community issues and culture

Campus Exposure and the 5x10

To help expose students to the vast array of resources and intellectually engaging opportunities on campus, students are asked to attend five programs within the first ten weeks of the semester, ideally addressing each of the Five Foundations of Student Success. Students may attend more than one program in a foundation area and should have exposure to at least three of the foundations through the 5x10 programs they attend. After each program/event/opportunity, students should complete a reflection in their Draft Book.

Registering for the Seminar

An email will be sent the first week of the semester so you can select your seminar time. This year's sections will be organized by themes, so you will have the opportunity to select a theme that interests you!evoLution group meeting

Information for Faculty/Staff Facilitators

  • Facilitators must have a bachelor’s degree
  • Facilitators should have experience leading discussions with students
  • One stipend will be allotted per group, so faculty and staff partners are permitted but will need to split the stipend.
  • Training will be required of all facilitators and will cover current trends with first-year students, bLUeprint, techniques for working with students, facilitation and more.
  • To apply to be a facilitator, please complete the 2016 facilitator application.

2015 evoLUtion Seminar Assessment