Self Improvement & Peak Performance

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What does peak performance mean?

  • Workshops that provide psycho-education and discussion on topics relevant to all students at Lehigh University
  • It means being able to perform at an optimal level mentally and emotionally!
  • Performing at this level increases your ability to perform in everyday life!
  • Enhancing your skills through our workshops may help you to perform better in school, athletics, social settings, and recreational activities!

How will these workshops "enhance" my skills? 

  • Group facilitators will not only give strategies and tips on how to improve performance but participants will have an opportunity to practice as well.
  • Have trouble relaxing or concentrating? During these workshops we will practice just that!
  • Feeling stressed about life? Feeling tired all the time? We can provide you with ideas and more tools to use to reduce stress and increase energy.

What do I need to do before I go to a workshop? 

  • Find and go to the first floor of Johnson Hall across from Parking Services.
  • Forget about bringing money because...Workshops are free!
  • Realize going can be spur of the moment because...NO prior sign up is necessary
  • Either go alone or go with a friend!

What can I expect at a workshop? 

  • You can expect that all sessions will be about an hour long.
  • Group facilitator(s) will provide psycho-education on particular topics as well as facilitate discussion among participants.
  • The last 15-20 minutes of the workshop will include a guided imagery relaxation exercise to leave you rejuvenated and refreshed to go on with the rest of your day!

What is guided imagery? 

  • This is when a facilitator uses descriptive language to assist participants in using mental imagery to relax and distress.
  • These imagery exercises usually last about 15-20 minutes.
  • Doing this allows participant to take a short time out of their day from the stress of everyday life.

For more information contact Dr. Aaron Sterba at

Here is a list of some of the workshops...

Focus and Concentration

Practice using your mind in a focused way and learn how to perform at your optimal level. Improve your concentration and focus for studying, writing, test-taking, and overall well being.

Test Prep

Dreading that upcoming exam? Practice using your mind to achieve a relaxed and confident approach to test taking! Come join us to learn how to clear your mind and focus your energy in order to enhance concentration and maximize your test performance.

Power Napping

Nodding off in the middle of the day? Practice using your mind to give yourself a mental jolt of energy to rejuvenate and increase your productivity throughout the day!

Relationship 101

Discover how people express and receive love in different ways. Come learn about the five love languages and how to navigate through your current or potential relationships. Get some of your questions answered and information on how your partnership with a significant other can attain its highest potential.

Dating 101

What does it take to have a successful relationship? Discover your interpersonal relationship style and learn tips about navigating through your current relationship or potential relationship. Come to our Dating 101 session to get some of your questions answered and information on how your partnership with a significant other can attain its highest potential.

Flirting 101

Get in touch with your "Inner Flirt"!! Come to our Flirting 101 workshop to discuss great and not-so-great ways to gain the attention of your latest crush! The workshop will address different motivations for flirting, the ins and outs of flirting, and tips on how to send the right message.


Did you know that over 70% of everything we communicate is non-verbal? Learn how to use your mind and body (language) in order to interact with others in an engaging and meaningful way. This workshop will include a discussion that addresses skills needed to communicate clearly and confidently within social, romantic, or professional relationships.

Stress Management

Four O'clocks got you stressed? Come to a stress management workshop and practice using your mind to achieve true relaxation and manage stress more effectively! Learn tips and skills to help refocus your energy as you recuperate from all that hard work!