Faculty Partnerships

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Student Affairs is committed to enhancing the University’s educational mission. One way that we achieve this is through our partnership with faculty and staff across the University. Our staff partners in research, teaching, and supporting students on their academic journey. Below are examples of that work.



Faculty (college)

Assessment & Student Life Curriculum

Research partner(s)

Lucy Napper (CAS)

Athletics Leadership Development

Independent studies/internships/Supervised research

Jim Brennan (Business)
Heather Johnson (CAS)
Jack Lule (CAS)

Center for Academic Success

Section 3 evaluation process

Jeremy Littau (CAS)

Center for Writing & Math


Ed Lotto (Faculty CAS)

Fraternity & Sorority Affairs

Faculty Advisor

Jim Brennen (Busines)
Paolo Cereghetti (CAS)
Megan Cream (CAS)
Parveen Gupta (Business)
Terry Hart (RCEAS)
David Hinrichs (Business)
Marilisa Jimenez (CAS)
Rita Jones (Adjunct, CAS)
Deirdre Malacrea (Business)
Rabbi Steve Nathan
Olena Nikolsko-Rzhevska (Business)
Kenneth Sinclair (Business)
Jennifer Swann (CAS)
Qianqian Yu (Business)
Emory Zimmers (RCEAS)

Health Advancement & Prevention Strategies (HAPS)

Alcohol-related communications/initiatives

Lucy Napper


HAPS Graduate Assistant (18 credits)

Grace Cazskie (College of Ed)


HMS 221 Peer Health Advising

Jessecae Marsh (HMS Program Dir., CAS)
Jenna Papaz (Adjunct, CAS)


Rx and Illicit Drug Abuse
Bystander Intervention and Rape Culture
High Risk Drinking

George DuPaul (COE)
Nikki Johson (COE)
Lucy Napper (CAS)

Gender Violence Education and Support

Title IX/gender violence reporting

Nikki Johnson (College of Ed)

I 7Office of First-Year Experience

Navigate LU

Dave Hinrichs (Business)


Summer Reading Selection Committee

Ed Lotto (CAS)


Summer Reading Discussion Leaders

Jessica Brandt (CAS)
Glenn Dickerson (Adjunct, Business)
Lori Herz (RCEAS)
Dave Hinrichs (Business)
Bruce Whitehouse (CAS)


5x10 Symposium

Nancy Carlisle (CAS)
Pat Costa (POP, RCEAS)
Gregory Ferguson (CAS)
Terry Hart (RCEAS)
Dave Hinrichs (Business)
Nitzan Lebovic (CAS)
Jeremy Littau (CAS)
Joe Manzo (Business)
Jessecae Marsh (HMS Program Dir., CAS)
Ziad Munson (CAS)
Karen Beck Pooley (POP, CAS)
Greg Rheiman (Adjunct, CAS)
Gus Ripa (CAS)
Steve Savino (Business)
Materials Science (varies)

Student Affairs 

Promoting Student Well-Being: A Resource Guide for Faculty and Staff

Ric Hall (VPSA)
Jackie Krasasn (Deputy Provost for Fac Affairs)
Greg Reihman (Vice Provost for LTS & Dir. CITL)

Student-Athlete Academic Services

Faculty Athletics Council

Jim Brennan (Business)
Hannah Dailey (RCEAS)
Gary Harlow (RCEAS)
Heather Johnson (CAS)
Vince Munley (Business)
Shamim Pakzad (RCEAS)
Mike Spear (RCEAS)
Bob Storer (RCEAS)

Student Conduct & Community Expectations

Anti-Hazing Coalition

David Diggs (CAS)