An Exemplary Student Affairs Division

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Specific, quantifiable, assessable efforts that seek to deliver top-tier services to our students while serving as an exemplary to similar office/departments on other campuses. Each of the 20+ offices within our division should strive to be the "gold standard" for that specialized area of service.

Goal: The Division of Student Affairs will deliver exemplary programming and services, modeling excellence in student development.

Assessment and Student Life Curriculum

  • With HAPS director Jenna Papaz, the director co-presented at the NASPA AOD conference on Lehigh’s late-night programming efforts, the assessment methodologies we use, and evidence-informed processes that may be replicated at other colleges.
  • The director has worked with select departments to migrate data into Tableau, a data visualization tool which allows for more effective data reporting and analysis.
  • The 6th Annual Student Affairs Assessment Symposium was held on January 9, 2020. This professional development event provided opportunities for advancing assessment skills, showcasing exemplary work, highlighting the use of data for continual improvement, and networking with colleagues from other LVAIC institutions.