2019-2020 March Pivot

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Assessment and Student Life Curriculum

In an effort to quickly gather useful information that could guide efforts to best support students during this time, director Meg Munley Stone partnered with Maddy Eadline to design, administer, and distribute the results of the Remote Living and Learning Check-In Survey. The effort also involved collaboration with the Office of Student Engagement, Library & Technology Services, and the Provost’s Office. The survey, which was administered to all undergraduate students, was designed to gauge how students have been adjusting, to assess concerns, and to identify students’ needs. Over 1,000 students (21%) completed the survey and offered valuable insights that we have been able to leverage in multiple ways.

Select Key Findings:

  • 8% of respondents reported ‘bad’ or ‘terrible’ internet access (problems with internet access have negatively impacted their experience during this remote time)
  • 73% of respondents said they were “quite a bit” or “extremely” concerned about their motivation
  • 49% of respondents said they were “quite a bit” or “extremely” concerned about their mental health
  • 75% of respondents reported that it was important to them to stay engaged with other Lehigh students during this time
  • Regarding enrollment plans for next fall, 87% planned to continue enrollment at Lehigh, 2% either planned to enroll elsewhere or not enroll anywhere, and 11% were unsure of their plan
  • How we have used the survey results:
  • Based on students’ reported concerns (e.g., motivation, mental health), Maddy Eadline led efforts and partnered with the Office of Student Engagement and Lehigh Communications to facilitate peer-to-peer messaging and advice on healthy coping strategies, ways they’re staying motivated, and other positive messaging. These stories appeared on LU Instagram and were well received, having over 40,000 views.
  • Asked if anyone at Lehigh had been helpful during this time of transition, students took the opportunity to write heartfelt notes of appreciation to hundreds of LU faculty and staff who have been particularly helpful during this time. Select ‘thank yous’ were included in LU Instagram stories. All notes were published on the Student Affairs “Thank you to the Lehigh Community” webpage:
  • https://studentaffairs.lehigh.edu/content/thank-you-lehigh-community
  • Outreach to students who indicated that they want to be contacted directly about ways to virtually engage with other students (through the Office of Student Engagement) and those who want to talk to someone about their plans for the fall semester (through the Provost’s Office/Director of Retention)
  • Responses about plans for the fall semester are being used for enrollment projections by the Office of Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics and Enrollment Management
  • The Health and Wellness Center and Counseling & Psychological Services are using results to develop general health, mental health, and well-being promoting workshops, programs, and services