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5 Foundations

Creative Curiosity

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Creative Curiosity encourages exploration of new ideas and concepts. Students are empowered to take control of their own learning, and develop the skills necessary to be lifelong learners and innovative problem solvers.

Identify opportunities to learn something new or explore a concept more deeply Engage in activities that foster imagination, innovation, and creativity Articulate their learning about a concept more deeply and/or the ways in which their views were challenged while engaging with others; Building skills in divergent thinking and problem-solving that allow for the exploration of multiple potential solutions Develop the ability to generate and test new ideas, and to think creatively to solve problems with others


Self Concept

self concept logoSelf Concept encourages students to strengthen self-worth by understanding their own identities and values and expressing oneself authentically.

Identify the factors that shape identities, including cultural, social, and personal experiences and values Develop a sense of self-worth and belonging, and the ability to express one's identities authentically Build skills in self-reflection and self-expression, and develop the ability to communicate one's thoughts, feelings, needs and beliefs to others Develop agency and the ability to make informed decisions based on one's own values


Healthy Connections

healthy connections logoHealthy Connections begin with taking care of yourself. Students are encouraged to reflect on their healthy and unhealthy connections, work to identify their own personal needs and boundaries, and understand that for relationships to thrive they take attention and care.

Reflect on and identify what healthy and unhealthy connections look like Identify personal needs and boundaries Practice effective communication through active listening, compromise and boundary setting Navigate relationships with transparency, reciprocity and empathy for self and others


Critical Consciousness

critical consciousness logoCritical Consciousness is the ability to understand and analyze societal structures and systems of oppression, and to take action towards social change. We encourage students to recognize and challenge the ways in which systems can perpetuate inequality, injustice and oppression.

Acknowledge, question, and challenge inequalities and inequities that exist in systems Engage in self-reflection and self-analysis to understand one's own role in shaping and perpetuating social, political, and economic systems Build skills in analyzing, and addressing biases, privileges and power dynamics through honest conversations in order to understand others' perspectives and lived realities Collaborate with communities to transform the systems that perpetuate inequities, injustice and oppression in relentless pursuit of liberation for all


Strategic Adaptability

strategic adaptabilityStrategic Adaptability recognizes that students are navigating in constantly changing environments. Students are encouraged to build skills in problem-solving, flexibility, and decision-making by learning from failures and taking risks.

Acknowledge the opportunities in adjusting to new situations, environments, challenges, and failures Identify and evaluate personal behaviors and responses to failure, ambiguity and change while recognizing the interconnectedness of complex systems Build skills in problem-solving, decision-making, and communicating to cope with change, uncertainty, and stress Demonstrate the ability to navigate unpredictable environments, learn from failure, to assess risk and take action