bLUeprint Learning Cycle

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Learning Cycle - Discover, Explore, Connect, Appl

The Lehigh University Student Life Curriculum, bLUeprint, is a four phase process for Lehigh students to (1) discover, (2) explore, (3) connect, and then (4) apply their learning across all five Foundations. Students move through this cycle at their own pace, making bLUeprint a common experience that is big enough for everyone, yet personal to each student’s unique experience. The learning cycle helps students engage in and shape their learning process, while giving a common language to staff and faculty working alongside students.

Students are expected to be in different stages of their developmental process throughout their time at Lehigh, and beyond. Picture a first year student versus a senior, or even a first year student on move in day versus a first year student at spring break.  As students connect with new people, experience new activities and classes, and dig deep into reflecting on their time on South Mountain they move around this cyclical path over and over again.