Collaborative Connections

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Surely, you’ve heard the phrase, “You are the company you keep.” At Lehigh, you’ll have many choices of company to keep whether in your residence hall, your chapter house, the classroom, or the South Bethlehem community at large. That is exactly why we’ve been asking you all these questions about your values. We realize that you may never have had the opportunity to choose for yourself what kind of company you would like to keep. Moreover, you may not have thought about the way you would like to conduct yourself in those different groups and the relationships therein. For example, how do you identify and express what you need in relationships and communities? How do you determine boundaries and play a role that is authentic to you and your personal definition of success? As you become more and more familiar with these communities and form all kinds of relationships within them, we will encourage you to think about the roles you play within one-on-one and group interactions… especially in light of your educational interests, and the person you are exploring and hoping to become! Make no mistake – the relationships and communities you form here at Lehigh will impact the rest of your life… whether through the lessons they teach you, the doorways they open for you, or the precedents they set for you in all the future relationships and communities you seek. Let this experience be a chance for you to learn how to ask for what you need and identify the role YOU wish to play.