COVID-19 Residence Life Updates

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The information shared below is based on current University recommendations.  Additional updates may be necessary as the COVID-19 situation evolves in the coming days and weeks. Please continue to check Lehigh’s website for the most updated information available for our University community.

Due to Lehigh University’s continued response to COVID-19, the Office of Residence Life will be working remotely beginning Wednesday, March 18th.  We do not anticipate this to impact our ability to maintain office operations, and we will continue to support our community moving forward during this difficult time.

Here some answers to frequently asked questions which may provide some initial guidance: 

What should I do if I would like to request permission for someone to access my room to collect my things while I am away from campus?

Please send an email to and from your Lehigh email account explaining your situation, and stating who you would like to grant access to your room, and for what specific purpose.  A staff member will respond back to you regarding your request.

What should I do if I’m able to return to campus to collect my things now that the residence halls are closed?

Please send an email to and from your Lehigh email account explaining your situation and a staff member will respond back to you regarding your specific circumstance.

What should I do if I’m unable to return to campus and can't move my things out of my room?

We understand, a lot of students are in this very same position currently.  More information will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead about how we can best manage this process for you.  Please pay attention to your Lehigh email address and the information available here.

If I am remaining on-campus and need help, how can I speak with a staff member immediately?

You can contact LUPD at any time for an emergency by calling (610) 758-4200.  You can also call your Gryphon On-Duty phone number and your call will be directed to our Assistant Director On-Duty who can provide assistance as needed.  

Please know that while this situation can leave all of us feeling a bit isolated and uncertain, you are never going to be alone here on-campus. 

What should I do if I am staying on-campus and get locked out of my room?    

Please contact LUPD by calling (610) 758-4200. 

If I have a pending reimbursement for a program that needs to be reconciled, how can I manage that now?

Please send an email to with information about your reimbursement request and the appropriate staff member will respond to you to coordinate next steps. 

If I am a current Gryphon and have a question about my stipend, who should I talk to? 

You can email Keith Blankenship directly at

If I will be a Gryphon next year and have a question about the Gryphon position now, who should I contact? 

You can reach out to with your question and the appropriate professional staff member will respond as quickly as possible. 

If I have applied for the GA position, what will happen next? 

The selection process for the GA position will be continuing.  You can still submit an application for the GA position at this time.  Candidates who have submitted their applications will hear back from the department regarding their candidacy and if they will be invited to participate in a first-round interview.  

If I am staying on-campus am I allowed to have friends over to my room?  

Unfortunately no.  It is crucial we do our part to keep all of the members of our community safe.  The best way we can do that is to fully adhere to public health experts recommendations regarding the practice of social distancing.  This means that all residence halls are closed to any residents not approved to be living on-campus at this time, and any gathering of residents in any residential space is not permitted until further notice.