Identity Development

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Who are you? This is a big question for anyone to consider no matter their age or place in life… and, no matter how good of a response you come up with, the answer keeps changing with the new experiences you gain and the new people that you meet along the way. College, for this very reason, is an important time to discover who you are and to determine who you want to be.  During your time at Lehigh, we want you to remember who you have been; recall the past experiences that have defined you; and re-examine the values you’ve learned from those experiences as well as from your families, schools, and communities. Only then can you understand why you do the things you do, think the things you think, and choose the commitments you choose… useful stuff when you need to work on a team or live with a roommate or secure an employment opportunity! Ultimately, we want you to learn deeply about the person who will keep you company for the rest of your life… yourself! And we’re not just talking likes, dislikes, or the roles that you play! We are talking the big stuff like what is YOUR story and how does that story interact with all of the other stories around you? How can we help you get clear on what you want in life early on so you can save yourself some time, money, and heartache? And how can you actively engage in college to shape and create the person you want to be now and well into the future? These are big questions, but we are here to help you on your journey of exploring and discovering who you are and who you are becoming.