Inclusive Leadership

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Lehigh students are going places! We are certain of that that! Whether they find themselves on executive boards, managing innovative projects, teaching students, or running their own businesses, Lehigh students are often sought for their leadership skills and find themselves in situations where they are expected to make decisions and impact other people. For this reason especially, we are committed to helping you develop what we call inclusive leadership. We want you to understand how your values and identity shape the kind of leader you are, including the decisions you make, the perspectives you seek, and the voices you identify with most strongly... in short, the people and communities you support. Having gained a leadership compass at Lehigh, we want you to recognize the responsibility of living out your leadership potential in a way that contributes to the larger society and the common good. You will have numerous opportunities to lead, to serve, to civically engage, and to stand in solidarity with your peers regarding issues that are important to you… some of which you will find in pre-existing involvement opportunities and others that you will dream and scheme up all on your own! And, the contributions you make during and after Lehigh will become the legacy through which you represent the Lehigh community for years to come.