Professional Growth & Success

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Our students come to us with an impressive record of achievement in and out of the classroom, hoping to replicate that same success in their involvements at Lehigh. And, that’s part of why we brought you here… we know that you will make us look good! But it’s not just about “looking good,” it’s also about feeling personally satisfied because you know you’re headed in a direction that reflects who you are and the life you want to live. Knowing what a confusing process this is (figuring out how to match who you are, your wishes, and the realities of the world), we are here to assist. We will help you identify factors that contributed to your past success, and help you develop new skills and support systems not only to discover but also to reach your personal definition of success. Because it’s not just about the end product; it’s also about the process you took to get there, a process that you are bound to repeat time and time again long after you’ve left Lehigh. So, why not utilize all of the many involvements and resources at your disposal while you are here?! Let us help you figure out where you want to go so that you can learn to measure your own success and hone your ability to reach important milestones you set for yourself. And when you’ve reached them, we will help you turn those successes into stories that vividly describe what you can contribute to any community, employment opportunity, or educational program beyond Lehigh.